Is it okay to cuss at my spirit guides and find new friends?

All my life I have been verbally bullied and have went through a lot of humiliation in school and college. I was the shy socially awkward kid everyone made fun of. My spirit guides and my HGA were letting me have it. It didn’t improve my life in anyway and only caused unnecessary psychological trauma. Although I am well off career-wise, I was wondering if it is possible to get new HGA and find new “friends”. Thoughts? I want my revenge.

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Spirit guides usually don’t take action. They…well…guide.

The reason we can’t hear them is because our senses aren’t developed.

Maybe work on your senses and you may hear their guidance??

And yes you can get new guides.


You cannot get a new HGA, as your HGA IS you.

But it didn’t make you socially awkward, or care about it, that’s from your conscious self. Blame shifting from your conscious ego to your divine ego isn’t going to fix anything, it won’t give you revenge and it won’t make you feel better. You’re better off learning more about yourself and why you are like that, and the reason usually stems from upbringing and is worth talking over with a therapist.

You can banish your guides, as easily as telling them you don’t want them around any more. They are higher level beings and will not insist on staying where they are not wanted.
You will probably not get many more entities stepping forward to be guides after that.


I really recommend you treat your guides and guardians with respect. Things like willfully disrespecting them and cursing at them is a big no go.


I wouldn’t recommend intentionally direspecting guides that are there to guide and aid you in the first place. Life is not always easy, there are some lessons that each individual goes through, some of them suck but those that are designated as your personal guides are not responsible for how the individual person handles it. I’m well aware how it feels like to feel outcast, to feel socially awkward and have seemingly everyone against you. Had I not gone through that though, had I been like the majority, I’d have never found my path and my calling. The challenges in life is what led me where I am today and there are still challenges but I’m much better equipped to handle things than before. That is in my opinion the purpose of your guides. They guide you towards your higher growth, they are not here to make things easy or hand you everything you may want.

I have cursed mine the out and they still won’t fucking leave. I have even tried banishing numerous time and yet they are still here unfortunately. I ask them for simple fucking answers and they won’t give it to me. They won’t give me anything other than anguish and only continue to confuse me. I hate them.

Maybe my discernment is off and it’s something different. But I’m tired of them either way…

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Those don’t sound like Guides at all… In this case I would label them as parasites (rightly or wrongly doesn’t matter at this point) and go on the offensive. I expect better of beings claiming to be ascended and I would not believe their claims.

It’s practically universal that all parasites always claim to be something special to get you emotionally hooked, usually a god or big name entity, but it’s always bullshit lies. :slight_smile:

We have a thread on Parasite Tutorials for ideas on the various ways to get rid of them, and also look up warding to stop them coming back, and to stop them just passing down the line to family and friends.

Am I absolutely vicious with unwanted entities in my space, and its stood me in good stead. Nothing tries to play with me now as they all know what will happen. Humans are all more powerful than they know. Against entities we can always finish what they start, it’s other humans that are our problem :slight_smile:


I swear around my guides and spirits that protect me, but not offensively at them. Why would I?

Are you upset that you asked them for things and they didn’t give you what you want? Guides and guardians aren’t meant for that.

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The greatest revenge is success and forgiveness.

My best advice for this sort of thing is do magick and get a life purpose, if you don’t have one I recommend emceeing


I think you need to work on yourself.

Your spirit guides are not doing this.

I’m going to make a few mundane recommendations, and I don’t want you to get offended. I’m recommending them because they helped me:


  • The 48 Laws of Power
  • How to Win Friends and Influence People
  • Unfuck Your Life
  • Dialectal Behavioral Therapy: Skills Workbook


  • Headspace
  • Finch


  • Headspace: Guide to Meditation


  • Lion’s Mane
  • Vitamin D
  • Magnesium
  • n-acetylcysteine


  • Rebel Deck
  • The CBT Deck

I’d also recommend therapy, but I’m sensing that you’re not interested.


Yeah bud, @Mulberry is probably right! These fit the profile of parasites.

Roast 'em alive!


What the fuck lmao

How can you expect to “get revenge” on your own HGA and Spirit Guides? You clearly have a lot of uncomfortably damaged Ahamkara, and you’re blaming literal metaphysical reflections of your own fractured self exhalted to high status who are there to push you in the right direction, things turned out damaging for your emotions, you say things like “It didn’t improve my life in any way” and clearly you let these exterior, petty and egoistic emotions like your anger and need for revenge get to you, and you are now at the point where you’re considering cursing them off essentially and… getting new ones. Do you not know how this works? Like at all? You’re supposed to overcome your suffering caused by superficial stresses, not let them send you into autist rage. Being driven into hatred and petty revenge for spirits is something superficial and won’t help any chance of apotheosis, it hinders it.

Do shadow work. Humble yourself. You damaged yourself. Your higher reflection laughed at you and now you are hurting because you let it get to you.


From personal experience, a while ago I had a degree of animosity for Lilith, and working with Lilith is not something I should do. This is because the area of which Lilith rules in my entire personality and astral makeup is still ignorant and/or uninitiated(due to trauma, upbringing etc). I’m actively working against the facets of myself that spirit does not align with. What you do is excercise your areas of divinity, everything, every spirit on every level is microcosmic within you, and thus - by working on the areas of Lilith within myself, I can live in harmony with her no matter how many times my ego breaks.

How have you come to this conclusion?

How can I know which direction I’m supposed to go of they don’t answer anything I ask?
Why is it that I can not succeed in anything that I do in life?
I felt like I was on top of the world after being in hell at one point and now I am on the bottom again? Why are they here if not to help me? I don’t fucking get it…
And my rage for this spirit is not petty. They have caused some real damage to me. Heavy damage and extreme pain. I wouldn’t dare someone call it “petty”.

You can not get a new HGA. HGA is not what its name would imply it would be, since its a translation issue by Mathers and Crowley.

Judging by your post, last of your problems is HGA, if you ask me. Guide, you can get that. I do not see the point of cussing at them. What, you are gonna try bullying spirits because they are letting people bully you? Sounds like a perfect plan.


Maybe to teach you something ? If they are really your guides of course, and not some parasites.

Back when I wasn’t doing well in my life, deep in depression, I did insult quite a few times my guides. At the time I wasn’t into magick or spiritual stuff really, and was asking my guides to help me, show me signs. I didnt get anything, for years. Then things changed and went my way.
I don’t know if my guides got upset at me for insulting them, but I did apologize, because I learned that what I went through was needed, and if they didnt answer me was because they had to.

I don’t really know fully your story, but I don’t think you should be mad at your guides for that.


The rational side of me understands the lessons. I really do. I become my worst when I’m getting through some blockage in my nerves. That’s when I get the most irritable. A part of me just wishes that things could have been different and I felt as if they watched or perpetuated it. And I know there is probably a reason but knowing that doesn’t make anything easier… Or clear…

Seems like your biggest issue is that you think the spirits exist to cater to you and refuse to help yourself because of that ludicrous idea.

Here’s some advice my dad gave me yesterday, “only when you are moving yourself forward, will others help you.”

If you’re looking for help, you better get the fuck started on figuring your own shit out.

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News flash, that’s not a guide. Take Mulberry’s advice on banishing.


No damage is petty, if you want to be strong just cope lol