Is it okay to call the same Angel twice from the 72 Angels of Magick?

I called Poiel of something big that I wanted but now as the situation unfolded I realized that I missed something critical in my request. Now I like to do another ritual to ask him for that specific part without mentioning the whole request and basically redoing the ritual again.

Is it okay to do it? Thanks :pray:

Why wouldn’t be lol, just do a use the invoking pentagram, vibrate the name and boom summoned, just be respectful and leave an offering if you want but it’s not necessary,

I’m talking about an Angel I called using a ritual from the book 72 Angels of Magick by Damon Brand.

It doesn’t matter how you summon if you ask me, everything is made up, I can summon any spirit using the invoking pentagram, sigils are relatively knew and in my opinion kinda time consuming, the most advanced magicians don’t use any tools, they know everything is energy and mind, but calling on the angel twice I’m sure is no big deal

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Yes, it is fine. You can always call again if something was missed or you need to adjust a request.

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I would avoid repetition if it comes from fear, but how am I supposed to know if the angel is really nudging you to do the ritual again?

Something to consider would be to summon a different angel with powers that match what you need. Poiel is pretty wide-reaching if I recall correctly, so maybe a more specific power that hones in on what you are concerned about would be more beneficial.

Again, though, it’s your magick. I would trust your connection to the spirits more than me.


The problem is because he’s powers are so general that I need him specifically. I missed something when I made my request now I’m planning to do another for that request only. I’d be like asking two things from him. One the main goal and the other is something smaller but still extremely curial to the overall thing that I want to happen.

Thanks :heartbeat::pray:. Thought so but I figured it’d be better to get some opinions because this is something that really determines my future and I really need it to manifest.

The instructions call for an eleven day ritual, beginning Thursday and ending Sunday. Have you done the ritual for multiple days, and then concluded and wish to make an amendment? Or have you done the ritual once and wish to amend the request?

If it is the latter, make the amendment and continue with the rituals as scheduled. If it is the former, I would redo the ritual in its entirety with the amendment and then let things go

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It’s the former. I not gonna chenge anything from the original request but I’m going to ask something that comes with it. I asked Poiel to get me into a particular college because a job that I want requires it some specific courses. But I was stupid not to notice that the cost was too high there, it’d be hard for me to manage it with my current income so now I want to do another ritual asking him to help me get some financial aid.