Is it ok to reveal my magick techniques and desires while asking question in forum?

I learned somewhere that one Law of success in magick is to never share/tell your techniques and desire with anyone expect the closed ones whom you trust. If break it, then the magick will not work. Is it true? If I mistakely tell someone, does all my magical works are in vain. This things worry me a lot.

Also does this rule apply if I share my techniques and desires here while asking questions. I mean, if I share, will my magick not work for me to fullfill my desires. I guess it is fine here as all users are magicians and sharing with magicians are fine. But not with other people. If anyone know this answer, please solve my doubts. I will be very grateful.

No, the Law of Concealment means, you do not share your magick while it is in process. When you cast a spell, don’t talk about what you cast the spell for, until its success or failure.

We trade techniques and talk about our desires on here all the time. It is pretty much the point of this forum, yet our magick still works just fine.

I think you are confusing the Law of Concealment for something else. You simply don’t talk about spells that are in motion so as not to rob them of their energy. That’s it.


So if I sometimes share my techniques here in this forum, it is fine. But i must never share with other people like friends, family. Also if I mistakely did it, is their any solution to solve this mistake.

From my experience, absolutly not.
Feel free to share everything and discuss, ask questions, it can only help you. Don’t worry.

Good luck!


I don’t know where you heard you can’t share techniques with family and friends but that is patently false. As I said, just don’t share your magical goals while they in motion.

Don’t tell them you cast a spell for money, but you can say, “hey, check out this technique I have that can bring you what you want.”

The whole point is not to let their intentions and energy interfere with yours. That’s it. You can share what you want with them, just don’t tell them, “hey, I cast a spell for XYZ,” because their thoughts can interfere.


It also just means that you shouldn’t brag about what a mighty magician you are and tell the local newspaper what a cool dude you are (yes someone here actually wanted to do just that). Then nobody, human nor spirit will take you serious :joy:


It’s an old superstition created to make the system of magic operations seem more sinisterly mysterious and effortlessly powerful than it really it. And probably also to protect witches and warlocks from opposing religious bodies like the church. You can share anything you want as long as you’re not oathbound to keep quiet about it. Just be aware some don’t take kindly to others’ ways.


I find that expressing my techniques and ideas to others challenges me to be able to articulate my own experience.


Don’t worry. Just keep details and intent to yourself while a working is in progress. Da’ath. Silence and expression. The ritual is the expression. Then practice the silence, at least until you get a result.