Is it ok to invoke/meditate in bed?


I am very busy in my life And work and often the only time i have is at night before i sleep. My altar is beside my bed i usually light candles and read. A few times i have called lucifer / done some prayer type invocation as im laying down before sleep. My question is: i enjoy this as im most relaxed laying down, but is it ok to do this? People always say “must be respectful” and it makes me wonder and im interested in your opinions


It depends on the method of evocation you’re using. If it works while you’re laying in bed - you don’t need to take any physical action - then it should be fine.

For example evocations from the book “Lucifer and hidden demons” can be done anywhere, laying in bed or resting in a chair etc Other methods may require tools and physical action that can’t possibly done in bed. So it depends on the method you choose to evoke the spirit.

Respect can be expressed by action, but it mainly an intention. Someone could perform a complete ceremony but in his-her heart, they’re doing it with disrespect. While a simple prayer or petition done in bed, with respect, could be more effective.


I agree with this. I’d say if you’re just wanting to evoke to talk, then yes. Respect is in tone and intention. You can be respectful from your pillow. :slight_smile: You might even get a cuddle if you ask nicely. :wink:


It’s how I do a lot of work. :+1:

Remember that “ritual purity” dates from a time before people understood germ theory, they knew that dirt was somehow associated with sickness, so believed it must be innately impure, and therefore made elaborate precautions for keeping that “impurity” from their ritual spaces.

We have a different model of how disease and infection work now.


I do most of my work laying down or in a chair. I don’t have the luxury right now for elaborate rituals or paraphernalia. And I have gotten good results.

It all depends on what works. For some people, elaborate rituals (or simple rituals) help produce the energy, focus, intention, and will necessary for the work to be successful. Others can do without it.

If it works, do it. If it doesn’t, find a different way.

As far as respectful is concerned, my perspective and experience - and I could be wrong - is that it’s about mentality. I think a lot of people get too hung up on this. The exhortations about being respectful derive from the time when the usual way to deal with spiritual forces involved threats, bindings, domination, abjurations, etc. (See, for example, Clavicula Solomonis.) These are no-nos in my book. Today’s methods, for the most part, are much more respectful. So, unless you’re being an obnoxious asshole to the spirits, you should be fine.


I spend hours nightly working within my mind. I agree with others that respect is a matter of intention. On a different but related note, robert bruce suggested in a training course to consider altering your position on your bed when you meditate/project/etc… Such as reversing your head/pillow location to the foot of the bed or something for such things so that the wires dont get crossed with pre existing sleep triggers.


Sure just don’t fall asleep before you accomplish whatever goal you set out with.


I always meditate in my bed i just cant do it sitting.
I invoke only once and did it at bed without all the stuff just incence a candle and a sigil + offerings, i didnt feel he was mad because i was in my bed, everything went ok.


Yes, meditation on bed is fine, in order to prevent sleep one may practice first with open then closed eyes; first sitting then lying, perhaps even start meditative “training” in a standing position.
If in any case it happens to fall asleep, you may resume the practice afterwards and you’ll also get “better” at staying awake.


i do this all the time, it helps if you have trouble relaxing


Thanks everyone for your replies I feel a lot better now about doing this. :slight_smile:


I find it’s relaxing. I used this glow in the dark paint and drew Father Lucifer sigil on a piece of paper on stuck it right above my head. (On the ceiling) then put on Lucifer enn video from satan and sons and just meditate or invoke.