Is it ok to cast 2 spells in a day?

Will that hinder my results?

Yes, you can do more than one spell in a day,

Will it hinder your results? No, as long as the spells are for separate goals.


What if it’s two different spells targeting the same individual, ultimately to achieve the same result?

Better to tailor one big one that suits your needs, because you need to visualize what you want and it’s easy to lose your train of thought and focus

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Usually, if using a spell to target a specific, overall goal, you break it down into steps so there’s no interference.

In your example of baneful work, for example, you could target different areas of the life of the individual with each spell. Do one spell to affect their blood, and another to restrict their wealth. Do another to bring them bad luck. Each spell has the overall goal of ending their life, but they won’t interfere with each other because they are focused on different aspects and can work together.

The energy from some types of workings like to stick around, which is why it tends to be a bad idea to do a love spell immediately after a baneful working. The energies of the baneful work have a habit of clinging to the magician and will end up bleeding over into the love work.

If I’m doing more than one spell, I, personally, tend to space them at least a couple of hours apart just to prevent any sort of contamination.