Is it necessary to have contact with Cain?

To walk the luciferian path, do I really need to accept Cain as the father of all witches? I know this may sound childish, but I really do not sympathize with it, or with the idea of what it is, neither as a person nor as what it may represent.


I’ve always said that the more spirits that you can have a relationship with, the better off you’ll be. That said, you have to walk your own path. So if you want a relationship with just Lucifer, that’s entirely up to you.


Simply put…no.

No you can go with whatever and whoever you are drawn too.


thanks @anon72564005 @kiss-lamia-lilith but in initiation it is necessary that I say his name and pay respect, in the invocations his name is used to give a passage, I’m beginning to believe that it is something that I must accept if I really want to follow this path. besides, I believe that the story of Cain and Abel is an allegory, at least in luciferianism, it’s not as if Cain really killed Abel, right?


Think about it as the author’s preferred beings used in inititiation. You can change the beings depending on who you wanna work with. For example you can have Lucifer, Samael and Lilith as your three primary beings. It depends on who you work with on your path. I suggest learning the basics first see who comes your way then do your initiation.