Is it Lucifer?

Alright, so I’m a newbie and I’ve been doing enn chants and petition spell for Lucifer and each time I do them I get this feeling in my chest area like it’s no air or a ball there or I get real hungry after and I don’t know if that means I am feeling his presence or what because I don’t hear any thing or see any or get a response I also want to know what does that mean if I am feeling his presence. What do you guys thinks going on?




That a good thing to hear but why I don’t ever hear him or get a response?


You might still need to develop your astral senses. Look into working with the third eye and throat chakras, as well as basic visualization exercises.


I second this.


How do I open my 3rd eye? I’ve tried but I don’t know if it worked… Any video or method to help?


type into the balg seurch function my name, yberion.

It’ll bring up a guide on how to evoke me.

in it,
in the thrid post,
you’ll find many instructions,
including how to open your third eye,
and awaken your clear vision.




There are lots of ways to approach this question of course. Since you are seeking a specific entity like Lucifer, we can approach it from a specific angle.

To open your third eye to Lucifer, you might employ one of my favorite meditations. “Void Gazing” seems like basic white-belt magic, but I don’t see people talking about it.

Sit in a dark dark place, preferrably in front of an open door or hallway. Sit down with at least three feet of open space around you (no objects in reach).

Keep your eyes open (blinking is fine) and peer into the void looking for Lucifer’s lantern. It will probably start out as a feint point of yellow light. It will probably blink out and move around at first but don’t worry about capturing it.

If you see the light, your eye is open. Know it. Feel good about it. Don’t bother telling any muggles, and allow yourself time to increase in mastrey of this elusive skillset.