Is it Lord Marbas?

So sorry for my English.
I was trying to contact him , because I’ve been hearing his name on my head ,and some voice telling me he will help me with my problems , also I find some compatibility between us.
I was trying to contact via meditation/changing his enn in my mind, I get the right concentration, and I can see on the vision : a black tree with sferes inside on the tree, a white lion head,but it was distortioned, a throne with a figure with a half-moon /horns like in the head ,but it was blurry, and then a face in front of mine , I can even feel something touching my lips and cheeks.
You think it’s Lord Marbas ?

Yea likely , you can never be too sure , you should always try to verify and take precautions , the same way when you drive you put on a seatbelt .

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Thank you. Which kind of precautions you mean ?

Do often banishing rituals , work with positive spirits , approach goetia spirits in a wise way , do not disrespect them , don’t summon a spirit without trying some prayers and offerings first .

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Thank you for your advices, before this vision I’ve
Offered him Quarz crystals, olive tree branches,even I make a burlesque dance, sexual energy , I try my best to be polite always, I know we’re equal and I won’t like anyone to be treated bad/impolitely.
I just want to be sure :sweat_smile:.

Np , if you’ve done that much , he probably would be very happy to work with you , keep it up .

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