Is it just me or

When you do something blatantly occult(eg. When i promise ill say you have a witches oath)they dont see the message.If you need to keep your magick a secret, hide it in plain sight if you can


Theres this rapper named montana of 300, and he has this song “angel with an uzi”, this song has a huge message and he even says it in the song, but no one vibed to it. They (you know who) have the people so distracted that more than half of the world has no idea about what occult even means, I asked a buddy and he said it meant illuminati😂 Christianity has most people so out of tune with spirituality that they dont even know what it is anymore. Im just greatful we all have this forum to express our spirituality, thoughts and progress of how life should of been.


Heh. Yes, all the good shit is hidden in plain sight. I’m delighted every time I find a new example of this.

Recently, I got a Lyft (a Chrysler driven by “Jesus”, I shit you not) and it turned out that Jesus Chrysler was a Venezuelan Freemason. We got to talking and we said “hidden in plain sight” at the same time. It was pretty funny. Those in the know will see the things for what they are.

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Yo i listened to the song and its great!i always appreciate finding new artists.

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