Is it just me or are certain demons kind of pushy?

In my limited experience working with them there seems to be an element of pushing their energy onto/into you at unexpected or even unwanted times. Whereas (in my experience) angels only seem to respond and assist when specifically asked or called. I’ve had experiences of being woken up repeatedly in the night and feeling like I’ve been injected with a combination of cocaine and viagra, such is the level of powerful sexual energy coming through. Lilith is a key example of this. I’ve also had sigils of certain demons repeatedly appear in my mind or pop into my vision without asking (Lucifer). It’s like some hot woman that knows how to “activate” you coming along whenever she feels and getting you all hot and bothered. This has never happened with an angelic being and to be honest it kind of pisses me off. What I do find is that demons and their energy is much more easily accessible than angels, perhaps their consciousness is closer to that of humans? so it’s easy for me to connect with them, get a big rush of power etc, only problem is they seem to want to do things on their terms and interact with you in ways that you may not want or ask for.

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I have not experienced this :thinking:

I only have experience with Michael but he comes and goes whenever he wants without me calling him, unless I specifically call for him. Some demons do have energy that’s sexual in nature. If a sigil pops up it’s likely to get your attention imo.


It’s the entity reaching out to you.if you keep ignoring it, it gets stronger until you either say yes or no. It can be the mind and anxiety too

As for Lilith, doesn’t she rule over sexuality? So naturally you’re going to feel aroused in her presence. It happened with me and some spirits too. In a similar way, War Gods could increase anger issues because they bring up these issues that are either dormant with us or it’s just their energy

I’ve experienced something similar with Tiamat this morning but she is helping me get over insecurities

Tell them you’re not comfortable with it and they’ll respect that.


This is the best way to tell if they’re good for you or not imo. Forcing you to do something goes against your divinity and should never be tolerated. Now there is a discussion to be had about what is considered forcing but imo anytime they say that your feelings don’t matter or something similar I think there is cause for concern.


It could just be that you react to their energy that way. If that’s your reaction, then it dieant have anything to do with their actions.

Edit - meant to add a few other things.

Some consider them to be closer to the “base” desires, which is why people may eeact to the more than angels. This may be true or it could be dogma.

It could be you react more to it because you’re not used to their energies. I react more heavily to energies when they’re different for the first few encounters, for example. I know someone on here that reacts negatively to a lot of the darker currents.

It’s not uncommon for spirits to show up when they’re interested in working with you. If you’re not interested, let them know that.