Is it disrespectful?

Is it disrespectful to think of King Luicfer as a person’s father when a person doesn’t have a relationship with him yet?

No, we naturally see Daemons as mother-father figures since we are human.
I’m guessing you haven’t talked to em yet
This is his Enn: Renich Tasa Uberaca Biasa Icar Lucifer
Just in case (An Enn is an incantation attributed to specific Daemons
they are written in a mysterious language and to be honest it looks like latin but slightly changed.)
If you got candles Blue or black
White or gold works too I just prefer blue.
He’s associated with odd numbers so 3 or 5 candles although this is just optional using candles
He likes frankincense and dragons blood, lavender too
Here is his sigil



Here is a topic to learn how to get into TGS (theta gamma state)
It’s basically a state of mind that lets your mind translate what the spirit is saying into something you can understand
its kinda like talking to your self except the spirit is talking
at first, it will be like it’s just your mind is making shit up.
You’re not trust me that and making stuff up in TGS is extremely hard so don’t worry.

Why is there a picture of me…?:crazy_face:

It’s not disrespectful and sometimes it makes us feel a connection with him, which is okay.

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cuz ur famous


Sheogorath blossoms

I might have typed that wrong…

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Hay quick question is it normal not to see static in TGS?
I just never get it.
My vision gets wavy and it darkens
But no static?
Do I have to get deeper into TGS to see static?
Thing is I’m clairaudient so I’ve kinda neglected trance states since I can understand these guys already, but I think learning Trances will help too.

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It will help indeed but only if you personally need it. My vision sometimes is good and sometimes isn’t there at all, but I can talk with any spirit just fine. Though, you need to improve your astral senses, it’s just that I’m more of a “one step at a time” type of guy. Speak with the spirit and make a connection, then, you can improve your senses better and the spirit can help you.

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Clairaudience is just really different from what you guys are describing TGS
we don’t communicate thought English or any language it’s like I know what their telling me automatically but sometimes it gets frustrating like if their telling me specific names it gets hard to understand.

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I know what you’re talking about. It has happened once or twice but only for a few seconds. I guess practice makes perfect.
In other words, the more you practice, the more you’ll understand.
Then again, this is only my theory since I’m no expert in this.

To Lucifer, no. Some demons may take offense to it, while others will appreciate. Then there are those who would treat you like a child right from the start.

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