Is it disrespectful?

Hi everyone few days ago i asked Azazel for a finacial goal i told him the result that i want which is to be able to buy something that i like and my magic is working as i find a part time job and im making money but i also want to ask Bune for a quick cash and also Belial to make my father’s boss to give him back his money as he said he will give me half of it if i manage ti succeed.
Do you find anything distespectful in this requests?
Bcz the goals are different and i believe in all of them but with Azazel its a ling term money making and with Bune and Belial its short term


I don’t see a problem with this myself.


No, honestly a layered approach is often worth the trouble. You want long term stability, but you have to live in the meantime.

I worked with djinn and genius spirits for on the fly cash, while I also worked through Damon Brand’s book Success Magick- at the same the time, almost two years ago.

I was able to discern based on the things which happened and the book having targeted rituals for specific long term goals rather easily- based on the other work being either for specific items or specific amounts of cash.

The only problem you might have with your scenario as far as I can see at a glance, is if you engaged in a pact with Azazel and the other work conflicted in same with the formal agreement.

I have seen some people say that part of their contract was to dedicate their work during the time of the pact to the spirit engaged in the pact, but that’s really the only thing I can come up with that would be in possible conflict- and it would be specific cases only imop.

Well unless you agreed to some sort of payment and offering and then are not able to discern who you owe, but since the goals differ- discernment will help, as well as communicating with entities in question.

If your real worried and can’t sense the entities, you could ask for some sort of sign that your request are complimentary, or perhaps a generic tarot question like *are my spiritual petitions complimentary, or are there potential problems- and see what comes up. (Sometimes better to do prior but not necessarily)



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I just would like to add for the sake of prefacing my next questions that you don’t exactly have to specialize the requests through multiple spirits if you have a patronage with Azazel. Azazel has several specialists under his command.

Did you already know him or have you only recently begun to work under Azazel’s guidance? Also, have you worked with these other spirits beforehand or did you just happen to look up for certain functions you think they might have for your service?

Sometimes it works best that way and other times it doesn’t, because we’re less suited at the time for taking on multiple agreements with several spiritual streams of consciousness.

Since you’ve already gone through with this then I’d assume you’re skilled enough to garner the help and assistance of all the above mentioned folks in the spiritual planes. I’m just asking out of curiosity, because you’re likely working in the same way that I would if I was going to take on something multifaceted, but not if I was taking on a simple task like getting the promotion I wanted. In that sense I’d just put my own spells on people, places, and things and let the spirits present themselves through synchronicity who decide to get involved because I’ve already got that rapport with my primary pantheons.

I hope I’ve made sense because I’m pretty high on my mother’s homemade apple vodka and a few cannabis gummies.

I’ve been studying forum tutorials in this state too :sweat_smile:

I’ll just stop editing my op and add another stream of thought right here behind the first. I like to use a pay as I go system rather than working under spiritual contracts these days, and that’s coming from experience with the spirits I’m with.

I used to make a pact with them and they’d offer this or that for something in return, I’d ask them to do something for a predisposed amount of payment in return for their favor, or I’d pay them in advance and walk away from it.

These days I’ll just think of them, read about them, or they’ll just show up at random intervals to offer me a piece of advice for what’s going down around me. I give them offerings as I go and I do offer them prayers and petitions from time to time as well, but mostly their purpose in my life has been to teach me how to use my own natural abilities. Whereas under the previous agreements, they’d seem held at a distance, today they are like a more present and sustained force in my subconscious mind. How bout you friend?

With that in mind, they are my teachers second but companions they are first and foremost.