Is it common to have a physical reaction to what happened in the spiritual world

i was in my first real journy in the spiritual lower world. really i met my spirit guide just yesterday. so today i wanted to focus on building communication. while speaking with my spirit animal i had asked questions. then i asked if he had a question for me. he asked me ‘what is your purpose for seeking me out’’ i answered i came to seek help to reach my goals. then he took me to a temple. in that temple there was a tree with gold ornements hanging from it. he said ‘‘this can grant you one wish’’. i just blurted out ‘‘happiness… sense of fullfillment and to be loved.’’ then i scrached that and said 'i mean i want to feel deserving of love’
then we walked around the temple more and realised i never actually asked the tree for my wish. so i went back to the tree. i imagined myself as i would be if the wish came true but in the moment i started to speak the words of my wish i felt my physical body need to cough. i felt as though it was directly related. so i held back my cough until i finished saying my wish and then i let my physical body cough a few times and then my body got really really REALLY hot. and it felt like there was sand moving through my veins. the physical sensation lasted about 30 seconds. as the odd sensation was subsiding i heard a voice say ‘‘your wish is granted’’ it was pretty uncomfortable but berable. ive never felt that before it was so weird
so is that kind of thing common? having a wish granted and then feeling a physical reaction right afterwards?

You’ll often find that there’s nothing considered normal. Everyone has their experiences, thank you for sharing.

That sounds like a fairly typical energy shift to me - you held onto the cough which meant you didn’t let your automatic reaction, to cough and disrupt the wish, break the “spell” (speaking figuratively there) and the warmth may have been about you opening your life to love and these good things.

so is that kind of thing common? having a wish granted and then feeling a physical reaction right afterwards?

It’s happened to me several times, and other people who’ve shared their journeys, including people I’ve worked with 1-2-1 - often what’s blocking our wishes is a subconscious bit of programming, and overcoming that with willpower and intent can create a physical reaction of tension (when the old, unhappy-but-known status quo is threatened), and then relief, as you leave the old stuck-ness behind.

It sounds like a good thing to me. :slight_smile: