Is it bad if u are hexing relatives or parents ? Is it making bad karma?

Hi guys, I have spiritual problem with my father and I feel like its me or him. He is highly sensitive and works with angel and beings from light. I made Vizualization for Cutting Karmic ties and now I feel like there is some spiritual problem between us and I feel his energy very strongly and I feel like because of the high vibration it is hurting me. So my question is would it be a bad thing If I take the Things in my hands and do him a Death spell for example.

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Geez that escalated quickly :joy:
I feel as though most people here will tell you karma does not exist. I believe I’ve heard it say you create karma by having guilt. So no I dont think you’ll get any karma unless deep down you do feel you are doing something wrong.
So if you wanted to do a death spell on your father, knock yourself out, but things do have cause and effect. Do what you feel you gotta do.


I laughed so hard with your reply @rin !!

@Martin as Rin said, I don’t believe in karma. If you think you won’t regret it later, go for it. Keep in mind that probably due to experience he could be stronger, and for sure he has his shields up already. Would be awkward if he confront you I suppose, what to answer to your own father? “Yea I tried to kill you, too bad, next time bitches!” ? :sweat_smile::joy:


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Yes! @Anassa brings up a good point. Perfect example of cause and effect. If he works with angels and beings of light he will likely have a lot of protection that may or may not retaliate back.