Is it alright if the sigil is pixalated?

I have a sigil that I printed out and since it’s pixalated I don’t know if that will affect anything.

You found a Sigil on google and has it gridlines or real pixalated? Gridlines is not a problem focus on the black line of a sigil. Can you show what you mean if not gridlines?

Ah thanks, no problem at all man. Enough there to focus on the sigil.

You know how to open it?

its my first one so no.

See to it that you get in a trance state. Meditate (focus on breathing), you can close your eyes and try to think of nothing empty your head. Focus on breathing helps when you count till four or six (in, out), this will empty your head to.

Trance is just like the part just before you fall to sleep or when you wake up not totally awake.

Open your eyes and focus on something till vision gets blurry.
Then focus on the sigil as long as you need until lines fade and it begins to flash (sometimes it flashes sometimes you get 3D. Don’t push it. ‘It needs to flash now’. If it doesn’t work the first time try again. Been there, happens.

In your focus on the Sigil prevent your eyes from closing. If you need to close them, close them gently and open them gently so you don’t lose focus.

Then invite the king :wink: into your temple.

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ok thanks.

Well I’m already here so, why not. Guided meditation will help you too.
Have a look at her channel and she even has a meditation for the King :slight_smile:

and a good channel to work on your astral senses:

ok thanks.

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Get a pen and draw over it, that way you will have no doubts in your mind.


ok i will

Or a thin black marker.

It’s fine if you don’t mind the spirit showing up looking like a Minecraft character. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Seriously though it’s fine. If it bothers you just trace over it and clean it up.


i did