Is it all real?

So I have a pact with Belial. Let me preface by saying that in He did come through for me in a big way when it comes to a job opportunity (I mean, I think he did—provided, this is all real). That said, I spent thousands of dollars setting up an altar for him and months doing rituals and I asked him for the same exact thing, month after month and I recently got the results and it was not what I wanted or bargained for. While I have not seen Belial fully in front me, I think I felt his presence during rituals.

I feel like WTF is this all for and is this even for real? I mean, I could say that I didn’t get the results I wanted because Belial is testing my loyalty and he wanted to test my loyalty. But that’a too easy, is it not? We can say that about a lot of other things. What is the point of having a pact with a Demon King and in my situation, he’s the only entity I work with and have people walk all over you and not get the results that you want? Look, life is finite. When you choose to do something with your time over another, you’re not getting the time back. My point is, if this is all imaginary then I wasted time that I could have spent in a million different ways. I’m confused and disheartened right now.

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First thing’s first…

Hi @jvaneda1 :wave:t5:, and welcome to the forum. Glad to have you here.

Have you had any divination done to see exactly what’s going on? There could be a variety of reasons why you didn’t get the results you were looking for. Sometimes more time is needed, sometimes there are blockages in the way, sometimes situations need to be worked around to give you the best outcome, etc.

@QueenMustang thank you for the response. The results are final. There is no changing the results. Why I didn’t get the results I asked given what I promised in return is something I can’t tell you. With respect to divination, I’m highly skeptical. I paid someone on Etsy to do divination for me and I told the person I had a pact with Belial and the person said they would check with Belial. I purposely told the person I didn’t have any questions because really, if someone has true psychic abilities, you should be giving answers—not questions. In any event, the person came back to me with this highly generic paragraph that really, it could apply to anybody.

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Trust your intuition

@Fallen_Human I have a theory as to why it didn’t happen. That said, I was hoping Belial would help me overcome the obstacle. Just to call an ace a spade, what I asked was not something ridiculous like, “give me a million dollars within a month” and nor did I expect to live a life of rainbows and unicorns because I have a pact with Belial. That said, I expected Him to come through for me and He didn’t and here we are.

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Have you considered he never agreed? and if he did, then you what have you done in your mundane life? dont just sit around waiting. it won’t work like that.

I hope these notes help.


@Fallen_Human So you raised two good points. First, based on the pendulum action I was getting, my impression was that he agreed. Second, that’s the issue for a lot of people. They ask entity so and so to help them with something then they wake up at noon and sit on their couch all day watching TV. Obviously, you have to do your part and I MOST certainly did mine. So yeah, I’m confused and questioning everything now.


Belial tends to test your backbone, not your loyalty… he doesn’t want serfs he wants you to stand up for yourself. Sounds like you’re in the perfect situation to take control of that and fight.

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@Mulberry I have two angles I can pursue: 1. Fight scorched earth against the people that messed with and gave the results I didn’t like. The con of doing that is that even if I pursued a scorched earth approach, I risk retaliation and in the end, fighting may lead not nothing because to bring punishment to these people depends more than just me. 2. Do nothing. Don’t give people the satisfaction of knowing that I’m angry at what they did and in doing nothing and focusing on other things, they might move on and fight other battles with other people.

It would help if you told us what exactly you asked of him. Also, if you are having doubts about magick…sometimes its helpful to gain confidence from the experience and success stories of others, which is why I created this thread which you may want to check out.

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  1. would be Belial energy, and if you’re working with him, isn’t that what you wanted?
  2. is not Belial energy, I would suggest working with a different entity if that’s what you prefer. Maybe Opfaal the angel of deliverance or Michael for protection while you wait for it to blow over.

@Verdo I can’t really give specifics. What drew me to Belial is power, lewdness and the belief that I’m evil and without a master. I thought, foolishly, that Belial and his legions would give me the results I wanted despite the fact that people were trying to fuck with me. I mean, Belial is supposed to be a King in hell, right? What I asked is a drop in the sea compared to what he’s capable of doing—distribute senatorships.

@Mulberry I don’t know what to believe anymore. I’m now questioning every experience where I thought “I felt” Belial and I’m thinking that maybe I didn’t. I used to work with angelic forces before but I gave up working with them because I thought, I would have better results with the demonic. The only supernatural experience where there’s no doubt in my mind that this entity was responsible for what happened was with the angel Poiel.

@jvaneda1 Please don’t forget to answer my questions to complete your introduction.

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@DarkestKnight I clicked on the pic and posted me intro. You don’t see it?

I would say it’s a bit too soon to make conclusions. I so suggest keeping these notes in your grimoire/journal, and as you continue to learn, practice and know yourself, it will become clear. :slight_smile:

@Mulberry I’m so pissed off dude. Like, if he wanted me to sin, sexually in return—I would have done it. I did offer him a sexual ritual to which I was obviously going to follow through with but to no avail. Very disappointing.

Yes, but I asked you a further question.

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@DarkestKnight I answered your question.