Is it a trustable experience with Belial?


Some time ago I had an unusual experience with Belial, and I still don’t know how to treat this experience.
(I don’t know if this can be considered demonspousing or not)

Firstly I will mention that I’m a female and I was communicating with Belial approximately for 2-3 months. My relationship with him was mostly informal and had sexual/romantic elements, and I’ve vetted & checked his identity with help of another demonic entity.

This unusual experience happened some weeks ago - shortly, he made an oath to me in presence of my demonic patron.
He didn’t force me to give an oath to him too if I am not sure about it yet.

He said that he did this to show that his intentions are serious, but I am still quite skeptical towards this. I still can’t imagine that a demon like Belial would seriously do this somehow I still quite suspicious towards him though he has been straightforward and helping to me throughout entire period of my communication with him.

What do you think of this? Could this be true and if yes, what this experience could more exactly mean?

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First, let me say that I assume it was Belial. I wasn’t there. I don’t know what happened. But let’s assume it was.

The first time I saw Lucifer was when he came to me at work and told me to contact him that night. So, I did. And a similar event transpired in front of other Goetics and others that I had never called on. A couple I had, at the request of this Goddess. So, I get the confusion, the uncertainty, the questioning.

Second, these relationships aren’t quite like they are with people. One-to-one is largely A human/animal thing. But your relationship is your relationship. It is unique between the two of you.

Third, some are more like partnerships with a genuine closeness. I gave my opinion that they weren’t likely 1:1. This holds for me, too, but they’re more of a bonding partnership. An agreement of sorts. It was this Goddess that taught me this - by suggesting it. Happened over time.

Finally, your relationship is your own, but if it isn’t the larpy kind, expect more to be expected from you. Hard work, progression, etc… I do better when challenged and she knows this. Others I know of have similar expectations from theirs. To be honest, in the beginning, all I wanted was to be worthy of that “gift” I had been given. But, being me, that bar raises when I get close to it :joy:

Hope this helps in some way. Kindly remember that this is just my opinion and my experiences.


I have one question for you as an answer- are you skeptical because you’re in shock that it’s a possibilty, or are you skeptical because you don’t trust him?

I don’t think this counts as demonspousing/godspousing, because as far as I know and read there is an actual ceremony that happens for it to be official.

As norse said, suppose it is real, the bars and expectations will definitely be raised for you.

Take some time for yourself and then talk to Belial about it directly, or your patron.
Is it possible? Yes. Seems like it.
What could it mean? That’s upto what Belial has told you imo.

I hope this helps.


Well, mostly it’s because I’m in shock that it’s a possibility., that it has actually happened.
I think I trust him as he has really earned it, despite of Belial usually being referred as demon of lies.


Then I suggest you give yourself time to process and think about it ^^