Is it a sign?

Hello,hope everyone’s doing well!

So this weird thing happened.I am from india and there are only like 2-3 metaphysical supply store here and there’s literally none where I live.
I have been feeling drawn to mother lilith for a long time and I have recently started working on my psychic senses and I always look at her sigil and talk to the sigil after activating it.
Only 1hr back,I was about to sleep and forgot to bring the sigil but I pictured her sigil in my mind and said “mother lilith guide me to what you like and where can I find it and if you want me as your priestess” and while I was trying to fall asleep…I couldn’t and thought to look for a cauldron online…only then,I found this store called “THE LILITH STORE” and I was shocked.I never heard of it.I even asked my friend about it and he said he had never heard of any store with that name.

This is a sign or am I being overconfident?

It is what is known as synchronicity. get used to it the more you mess with spirits/demons/amgels/ and magic in general…


I think it is a sign. Especially as you yourself believe it is a sign – that’s good enough. Don’t doubt yourself.

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okay thank you!:blush: