Is it a good idea

Hi guys!
To put a few drops of blood upon tarot card to make a stronger connection?

Thank you

Hey Vovin, i’ve learned Tarot from my niece and the connection was from the beginning very strong. Your higher self or that of the client does the work for you.

  1. Shuffle
  2. Lay all the cards out so that every card is a bit visible.
  3. Ask your question
  4. Go with your hand over the cards and then follow your feeling and pic the right card.

You could ask a spirit to assist with Tarot, but that’s the same with a pendulum. Use a sigil ask and put blood on the sigil (although another offering can also work). At this moment I don’t work with blood.

I have thought of putting your tarot deck under my pillow as I sleep. I have not tried it yet (for what ever reason most likely laziness) but it was an idea I passed back and forth with a friend. You might also put the card you want to make a connection with on your altar and meditate on it. I hope these ideas help.