Is it a good idea to evoke without even having astral experiences before?

I wanted to know if it is recommended for someone who has never had the opportunity to experience astral travel or something similar to evoke a demon, the reason for the evocation is simply to feel the need to see it, what do you think?

You need to be able to sense the presence, or it could show up, and you won’t know it’s there.

Do you ever notice that feeling of being watched if someone is staring at you? That’s a start that’s easy to verify.

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It is something like a feeling of affection, or love, it is not to verify if it is real or not, it is simply to see it

You would see it in your “mind’s eye”, but sensing vision is not the same thing as sensing emotion.

Feeling a presence is not about the emotions, though many people are empathic and pick those up. It’s more like feeling you’re not alone in the space. Same as it was a human that showed up and didn’t say anything, but you can feel they’re there without turning around.

If I have not had experiences before, do you think I should give it a try?

Yes of course :slight_smile: All and any practice you can do will build the “muscles” of these senses, and it gets easier over time. Practice is key.


Thank you very much :), is there a thread in the forum to do it correctly?

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Loads. If you search for “tutorial” and “evokation” etc you’ll get a few. :slight_smile:


u are the best bro, thank you

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Astral projection and evocation are different skill sets.

You should evoke a demon to command it for a genuine need/desire, don’t evoke for proof of the supernatural or for the shock of seeing a demon/angel.

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