Is initiation necessary?

I’ve been working with spirits for some time but never really went through initiation… thoughts?

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It’s not necessary.


I feel if you have passion for knowledge without prejudice then you are already initiated.
Several years ago I was getting ready to pay an OTO lodge 200 dollars for them to baptize and initiated.
I was gonna take the name of Solus but I realized that I didn’t need them.

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I dont think its necessary. More of a formality. It shows that, in this current life, you are devoted to the path. However, certain things carry over from past lives, so how could an eternal bond be super important if we dont bother to remember it in the next life.

I believe it shows dedication and certain deities will certainly favor a dedicated follower, but it is not necessary as they are already aware of your potential

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One theory behind initiation is that you receive, by a guru or inside a lodge, a sort of spiritual essence which nowadays it isn’t possible to acquire or awaken by ourselves alone.
It’s also true that initially this idea gave me an “artificial” feeling…

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Initiation is necessary! You let me know and I’ll provide you with my bank details. After you deposit a lot of money I’ll send you a Certificate of Initiation - signed by me! Once in your hand you’ll be initiated! Just think of it, while everyone else has a Church of Satan membership card to flash at parties, you’ll have a Certificate of Initiation signed by me. For the several thousands of dollars paid to me by you I’ll forward you a priceless certificate! After that no one can doubt that you’re initiated.

Please don’t hesitate to let me know and be ready to forward the initial deposit of $1500.00(US). This is your once in a lifetime opportunity, so why wait? Do it now!



Your such a goofball! :rofl:

But seriously, back to the OP.

Short answer no.

Longer answer, it depends on what you mean by initiation.


Perhaps these ceremonies invited spirits or ancestors to help charge the individual to give them a headstart.


Initiations serve a specific spiritual purpose, but they are not a necessity for simply practicing magick.

I have never been initiated into any path, but in a personal consultation I recently had with EA, he recommended I make a self initiation to certain powers as a way of bringing more life into my practice.


I personally find Initiations important and necessary. If you are than in an order then you enjoy a more personal relationship with the Spirit of the Coven/Group. It has to do with true dedication and choices. Of course you can be in several groups initiated and enjoy more energy work.


Take that as my UPG but most if not all humans are initiated upon birth. Whatever initiation you go through later is only your acceptance of that very first initiation you received.
It’s one reason why I do not consider baptism on babies for example as a form of initiation. It’s something very personal which needs your consent.


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@Ozraga that was my exact question when finding this thread? What exactly ‘is’ initiation, specifically for a solo practitioner?

Ok, that’s starting to tie some loose ends in my mind. So simply preforming acts of magic does not need initiation (necessarily) though acts of magic with spiritual purpose are partnered with initiation, as a foundational point for the eventual consistent practice?

So if one has a desire to go beyond performing just acts of magic, is that desire a pull to be more involved; hence a need for initiation?

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In my opinion, initiation is the way to place the student within a particular current, and introduces them to the forces, and the forces to them. Every major system of magick (and religion) has an initiation process. It sets certain wheels in motion in the life of the aspirant, and sets them apart from the rest of humanity. It is the difference between practicing magick, and walking a path.

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nope, and experience is the best teacher…trust me, my first “guru” is a drug addicted, drunk, judgemental moronic dumbass

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although later ive had good teachers, but they usually come to you

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Thank you!