Is Hillary Clinton Possessed by a Demon?

What’s going on with Hillary’s health? I’m curious to learn from point of view and opinion of magicians because of your unique perspective and awareness of the spiritual plane. Some rumors of her bizarre behavior and rapid deterioration in health are concerning to me. I have also heard that she is a high level witch although that may just be a conspiracy theory. There is some evidence that seizures are associated with demonic possession and in recent videos, some neurologists and other medical experts have seen possible signs of seizure activity related to her history of a blood clot. Do you think it’s possible that she is possessed by a demon?

Hillary’s Weird Behavior – The Cover-Up
"Establishment terrified of more revelations about Clinton’s health"
by Paul Joseph Watson



she is just a 68 year old half crazy bitch.

Hell if she aint cursed id love to throw one at her

Haha no she is posessed by stupidity as all politicians are lo

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This election seems to be hotting up to an insane degree and I totally understand the depth of feelings involved! :slight_smile:

I doubt she had time on her hands to be a witch. Rather she is an Avatar for spiritual forces to work through her. That is what most politicians are anyway as they have a number of Advisors.

According to some, she was murdered and was cloned! lol

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If so, I’d love to know which forces are working through the likes of Angela Merkel, Kim Jong-il, Yahya Jammeh and so on…

I would say, opposing forces for Merkel (and Clinton) and Kim, but you may have to follow the money on that one…

This is a very insightful question that few ask. Here is what my guides
have to say about her:
95 Demons
25% Light
24 Implants - received her first implant at 24 and her last at 60 (by the Greys)
Questioning why she wants to be President - the Implants are Manipulating her
Actually her health isn’t all that bad - 81%
65 Holes in Aura
93% Chakras clogged
13 % Genuine
Cares about 25% regarding the Poor, People of Color 15% Disabled, 29%
for Education, 8% Veterans, 14% Unemployed 10%, Women’s Rights 10%
95 % Liar
80 % Thief


I just think she might be mentally ill with tumors or something. Not that I’m sad about that. I really dislike this lady. Or she beast would be more fitting in this case.

Anyone ever watch the movie “Chucky” the Good Guy Doll that wants to be your friend until the end? They should have a Hillary Good Girl Doll.

biosynth is a genius

Yes and no.

Yes, in the sense that she, like a lot of “powerful” people these days, have seen to open themselves to spirits willingly and without challenge of what they are. She seems to be based around a Theosophical Society-type mentality where they just channel and spirit nearby and assume it’s some creature of grandness.

The horrid downside to that is that eventually it leads to obsession, trance and death. Obsession in this case being the actual form of possession everyone thinks about. Since she’s been pumped up by some of her advisers and by her lack of understanding to be a conduit for “The Fates,” it seems as if her life is completely in their hands now.

The “no” portion has more to do with her status in society and her history. People in high society still place emphasis on having “the Gods,” as it were, to dictate and write their actions in either actual sense of respect for Divine forces or in a sense of hubris that they’re somehow “the chosen one(s).” That becomes more complex due the nature of secret societies, which have and still do exist, for members of the upper classes in all cultures still.

As a side note: before this election kicked off, there were various news articles and videos on YouTube about certain celebrities and politicians who had, at one time or another, actually killed someone. Among them was Hillary Clinton. Not the Clinton-body count conspiracy which has a huge amount of circumstantial evidence unrelated to her. Yet she did kill someone while driving drunk when she was in College at Wesleyan University. For some reason, it was downgraded to manslaughter and eventually nothing happened to her. If you’re asking me, it would seem as if the Reaper demanded his from her.

Secondly, I wouldn’t recommend spiritism from anyone at any time. I’d prefer the workings of “black” magi over that any day. At least they know to whom they’re speaking with. Besides, there’s other groups out there who are in support of her that still wish to cheat the Reaper and it seems as if he’s making it known they cannot.

oh please

That’s about as legit as my irrefutable evidence that Donald Trump is the reincarnation of Aleister Crowley

oh please

That’s about as legit as my irrefutable evidence that Donald Trump is the reincarnation of Aleister Crowley

[/quote] LMFAO!! Thanks for the laugh Iam Incide. I agree. A lot of that sounds like conspiracy theories. People who buy into those are usually fear mongers but I do agree with some of the things that they said. I prefer black magick to spiritism as well. But I think it’s the lower rung spirits (not demons or dead people) that they are actually channeling. I would say that they would be close to shadow people but I could be wrong. These sorts of spirits don’t care about humanity and just mess with us. I’ve encountered one and when some of my demon allies arrived they ran like hell. The shadow person did anyway. Demons and gods seem much more powerful than these beings.

Anyone want to reincanate as a Trump?

oh please

That’s about as legit as my irrefutable evidence that Donald Trump is the reincarnation of Aleister Crowley


I’m sure you can ask any demon who has secret knowledge of others and they’ll verify it for you.

Either that or its just tbs delusional voice convincing you now of what you are saying. This delusional voice is responsible for pretty much 99.99% of thr worlds problems even so callrd intellectual sane people eho think they got it right. You have to learn to truly listen and then ReDeploy energy so that only the right things manifest.