Is here anyone who had worked more profound with ENKIDORAT?


I used the search function but what I got for Enkidorat was not really satisfying enough.

I want to work with him.
Any experiences with him?
What does he teach? Astral travel?
And further? Influencing people?
Or about the astral realms?
Tell me all you know, please.

Thanks in advance,

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No experience with this Entity.

What do you want him to teach you?
If I were you I’d ask him directly.
Everyone experiences things differently.
What matters is what you need to be taught, which is different from everyone else.

I’m not sure how well you are versed with communicating with spirits?

A simple method is standing up.
Having both hands by your side.
Enkidorat raise my right arm for yes.
You should feel your arm being raised.
Enkidorat raise my left arm for no.
You should feel your left arm being raised.
Then ask your questions.

If your not sure of the answer, repeat the question.
You should be able to feel a energetic push as if that being is lifting your arm. Don’t lift your own arm.

When you do ask your questions a string of images or thoughts may enter your mind. Take note of these they may be connected and part of the answer.

Leave doubt at the door.

If this method doesn’t seem to work. There are plenty of other ways to get yes and no answers.

At first I want to learn astral travel from hin and then I want to know from him what he teaches, too. I get no contact to entities since Mai.