Is here a soul traveller able to help me get more details of a past Life?

So… I had problems to dare but now I
want to tell you something:

2016 Seth (from Kenneth Grant’s Nightside of Eden) visited me and introduced himself as
,Wedja’’. He told me four of my past lifes.
One of it was Akhenaton.

I want to know more details about this life.
Is anybody in here able to help me with this?

Thanks in advance,


I was a son of Ramses the Great, from his Hittite wife Maathorneferure


Congrats :slight_smile:
Rebirth and Death but we came back.
2017 I received a vision of this life.
A girl placed a sigil on my forehead
(from Bardon’s Lilitha) to block my Kundalini.
Her name was Mésomé.

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The answer you seek is first found in the ancient ways. Look up. Look down. Look all around. The sky at night as your beaming pride, yet, you forget your downfall.

The songs, the chants, you need to visit the gate beyond the gate. The riddle has spoken.

It’s based on emotions. Recall is traveling on your feelings of what is true for you. Look at art work of the time period you wish to travel back to. FEEL it! Pull that energy into you. Sit there for awhile allowing the memories a space to move into.

Its all buried in your spirit. You need to give it space and let the emotions over take you.

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Ea says past lives are not really us. Our soul just gets intertwined with all that is and random stuff pops up.

Great thing to do is soul travel into the casual plane and go to the records of lives and memories. You may interface with these memories in different ways the gates to these past lives appear differently.

Sometimes they appear as crystals which you can pick up and place inside your third eye and travel through it into the memory.
Sometimes they appear as books which when you open a light shimmers at you, through which you may travel into the memory.


I honestly find that belief nonsense, the past lives are vessels that we’ve lived, they were once us, the experiences, the memories, and so forth exist within our soul and carry on with us. It’s just a matter of us accessing those memories.


his view is that we are not the soul. The soul is a separate entity. All we are is just a one time piece of ego that the soul sends to experience this world. All ascension is, is becoming a god yourself so you don’t die off, because we are just pathetic egos

Sounds like the belief in the oversoul or higher self, I mean I guess his belief is valid as any other, but even other entities have egos. I never understood people who vilify the ego, but to each their own I suppose. I find that my past lives are mine, and have been found through means of soul diving myself.

He likes the ego. That’s what ascension is to him. Keeping his ego in his astral body and training his astral body so it doesn’t die off

What did you mean by “just pathetic ego” in your statement?

Nothing. Means weak. I meant the energy body. If viewed in that way, it is very pathetic if it can die off.

Ah, I doubt it can but I see your point now


Still working on my projection abilities. Then I can finally have experiences for myself

@Etheric_Vagabond Yeah, like me.
I try to imagine myself laying counterpart to myself. Sometimes I’m better than usually.


You dont need your past lifes, its delusion grandieur, only thing you need to know about them is to climb over them, succeed better in physical and spiritual matters, beings that claims you are something from past just wanna derail you from reality…

In 2016 I had this chat with Set.
In 2017 I got a vision from this life.
I believe in the Temple of Karnak a girl
sat a sigil on my forehead to block the
Kundalini I should later get as a Pharaoh.

I know that girl from school times.
She’s reborn with me.

There must be a reason for this vision and
Set must have had a reason to tell me about
this and these three certain other lifes.


@Homicide , I have to disagree. Our past lives is a source of knowledge, a part of us. We have memories and experiences of these lifetimes buried deep in our subconscious mind. These memories are something like a reflex mechanism that affects our later lifetimes and contain past feelings and mistakes and lots more. So in my opinion it is really important to gain access to these memories and thus bring out a better version of ourselves.


Yea, it is your experience, but why everyone thinks they are some fuckin pharaoh or horus…

since you are physical manifestation of most high in your physical existence, why you need beings from “past lifes” to tell you what you are…

its just part delusion grandieur and meaningless untill you die and can see it from yourself from archives… if some being feels close and important to you, start knowing it form zeropoint, not from perspective of i know you in egypt.