Is HEKATE (Hecate) goddess of hell also

Dear members I am working Hecate with considering it as goddess of magic and witchcraft But I heard it is goddess of Hell also. Until now I am working on RHP work and did not worked on any dark goddess or demon I LHP) . Is hecate comes under RHP or LHP ?

No she’s not a Goddess of Hell, she is sometimes linked to the underworld due to being a Goddess necromancy, some also call on her to get into psychopomp work but no she has no connection to Hell. Hecate is neither LHP or RHP, those are meaningless concepts to entities that aren’t human.


I call her the goddess of the moon really I can see why she ties into necromancy cause she can create life but she is amazing and wonderful


No, nothing to do with Hell. Sometimes you’ll see her described as the Goddess of the Underworld, but those aren’t nearly the same thing.


I would definitely say Hekate comes under lhp. She has been my matron goddess for quite some time. However she is also capable of great good, as well as dishing out the other. She is a wonderful teacher.


She is the goddess of witches. She will show you to do magick.


I agree that Hekate is neither lhp nor rhp, though is suitable to both paths, if you need the terms. Hell is not a place she was associated with traditionally as it was not believed in by her original worshippers - it didnt exist to them. She holds the keys to the gates of the spirit world, which is why she has sway over many spiritual forces. She is beyond caring what we have determined “rhp” or “lhp.” those concepts are meaningless to her. The only aspect of her that seems to touch on morality that ive come to know is her place as “divine midwife.” she has a deep love for children, so i wouldnt recommend working with her if the work would harm a child. Other than that, i find its very much - do as you will. Explore and experience.

I personally have come to know her deeply through tending a garden of sacred plants from multiple cultures and regions, with a focus on her own (she has sooo many!) and keeping with her traditional holy days.


Yes, I agree to a certain point, but she is considered the dark goddess for a reason. I am very careful not to expose any children to the dark arts. I am a grandparent, so I am pretty much free to practice as I please now. I have a garden also! And i realize she is beyond lhp and the right hand path, and quite misunderstood. Guess I could have worded that differently. I don’t mean to mislead anyone, as she is capable of great good as well as dishing out a serious spanking!


oh i think your wording was fine and i dont think what you said would be misleading - thats your experience with her, and its 100% valid. The only experiences i wonder about with her are from a certain author who wrote a grimoire coughsexualfantasycough about her where she menstruates on her initiates. lol. But i dont know - maybe thats a side of her i haven’t experienced haha. But I think whats wonderful about Hekate is how multifaceted she is that she can connect with her followers in various ways, along all the different paths we can take. But i was mainly responding to the OP.

Ok, that’s a new one! She is much to above that sort of thing haha. It’s crazy what people will come up with.:yum:

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Dear friends, I am working with her to increase the psychic and magickal abilties

She is the only Titan to of continued on about her business, because even Zeus respected her and trusted her.
underworld connection yes, hell no not really as she predates it by a few thousand years.
She is beyond left or right, she is the oldest Deity to exist as a teacher to humans and gods in the Hellenic Pantheon.
I find her Gnosis usually is related to the mysteries of life - death and rebirth. She is fantastic for soul retrieval work and also re-integration.