Is he still an enemy?

I just saw a former enemy at the gym. He tried to destroy my last soulmate relationship and tried to destroy me socially. It led to me fighting him.

I did two curses on him, one was rather…“extreme” obviously it hasn’t manifested, but it seems the draining curse worked, he has a basic job that doesn’t even compare to what I know.

I did a angelic ritual to “hide” from enemies so that I can build a plan to take them over later.

He said he’s “been over what happened” and I believe him. I think he has no remorse for what he did to me, but is he still an enemy?

I think so…

I think I’m going to use some angels of wraith on him. It felt good to see how much further ahead of him I was, I could feel he wasn’t on my same level.

Omg haha after I saw him I freestyled and my session was so good. There’s just no way he’s gone through what I’ve gone through, there’s just no way haha.

I want to ruin his life, he tried to destroy me, I think the angels will do so. I’m not going to do the judgement ritual since he has no remorse tho.


Basically, if he ain’t fell on his knees and asked you from the deepest corner of his heart to believe that he’d changed, that means the encounter was simply awkward so he said that bs, and he would still enjoy seeing you down.
Kick his ass!
Angels to create chaos, to drain him, and demons to finish what’s left good.


Whoa, but you rescued your soul mate relationship and still have it intact? Is that how he was trying to destroy you?

Sometimes the best revenge is to just do well. People seem to not be able to stand others doing well. All the energy and effort of cursing and ruining him could be used to keep advancing yourself. It’s hard to let go but in some cases you just harm yourself more by having so much hate and focusing on that and not yourself.

That’s a place I’m at. Fuck the haters. I’m gonna do me and live my best life. Me doing me and being my best me. I’m not completely there but I’m on my way!

But everyone is different so do what you feel is best for you and your specific situation.


Yes I did we dated for two more years after that but something tragic happened to me and I lost her.
But the relationship was never the same after he tried to ruin us. He actually did it twice.

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So what? That is the dating game., You win some, you lose some. And some people can never seem to be mature about it.

I believe that’s the best revenge but if I have the power to ruin him while trying out a new form of magick I think it’d be a worthy pursuit.

I am aware. But I don’t believe in men who dirty mack or claiming to fuck girls they haven’t. He said he fucked 3 seperate girls including my former girlfriend, the two other girls said it ruined their reputation. That’s essentially social rape by my standards trying to convince everyone a girl smashed you just to boost your own ego.

I’d say go on and get your revenge. Or justice, if you will. He tried to screw you over in -in my opinion- one of the worst possible ways. Just fuck him up.


Which one? How long ago? And why do you think it failed? Asking for a friend lol

Seriously though, I’ve been cursing a target and I got all the time in the world to wait to see it happen, but I wonder what makes a curse succeed or fail (especially since it’s my first time cursing someone). I’m just asking to see if maybe I can learn from your experience.


There’s a ritual in the book Demons of Wrath to cause regret. I tried it but it’s too soon to say how it turned out.

I don’t believe in the 3-fold law or karma or whatever. I believe we have all the right in the world to make justice, and we don’t have to tolerate anyone’s bs. When somebody hurts us, offends us, or walks all over us, they’re automatically authorizing us to punch them back.

That being said, I found this curious, because you mentioned the extreme curse didn’t affect your target, and something tragic happened to you. Could these events be related?

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