Is he cheating?

I know this is such a common thing these days.

Are there any demons that can help answer my questions about my boyfriend? Hopefully one that wouldn’t mislead me because I have had contact with only a few but I don’t want to waste their time on something so minor so I am guessing this might bring a new entity into my life.

I would go by my intuition alone but I’m really questioning it right now since my BPD symptoms are out of control right now. However there are reasons as to why I feel he has been with someone else or is still involved but he fights for his defense so I just need an answer because I want to move on with my life if he is.

I’m pregnant with his baby as well. I want to get this stress dealt with and hopefully just let it go. He insists that I am creating this in my own mind.


I would do a Divination on the matter instead of calling an entity and asking.

And if he is cheating the Goddess Hera doesn’t care for cheating so you can petition her to punish him if you want.


I do have a pendulum thatI need to consecrate and thanks I will keep her in mind as I have not contacted any goddesses yet


I hope things work out.


As a rule, I wouldn’t trust what a pendulum says, because it utilizes your subconscious mind, and if you already have suspicions of cheating the pendulum is just going to tell you what you already believe in your subconscious mind, thus confirming your suspicions.

I would recommend that you use the I Ching or the Book of Fate, both are simple and you don’t need any divinatory ability to use them. And, in the meantime, I encourage you to learn how to use the Tarot or Runes for your divination in the future.

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I’ll echo that. Pendulums have been unreliable for me but then again I never consecrated the one I had. I’ve been told that if consecrated a pendulum is an accurate tool. But methods such as Tarrot and Runes have more options for answering the questions, therefore you get a higher degree of accuracy in the depiction of your situation versus just a blanket yes or no or kinda.


What about the four penny divination?

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Never heard of it

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Call out to a Demon that can reveal if he’s cheating on you.
Rather than the Demon straight up telling you, because you might accidentally channel the wrong information, have the Demon set up a scenario where you can catch if your boyfriend is actually cheating on you or not.

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