IS goddess aphrodite a ninth-dimensional being?

Dear friend, I have read in DIANA COOPER book that aphrodite belongs to ninth dimension. Is it true ? I though aphrodite belongs to 4th dimensional ?

I honestly wouldn’t sweat it, dimensions in the spiritual sense don’t have numbers, Aphrodite can project, and visit places (that are open) like the rest of us. Most have met up with her in the astral, personally I’ve visited her pantheon in the etheric so honestly it doesn’t exactly matter.


I want to ask,Do these Gods actually have an existence independent from humanity? Or are they just personified masks that humanity created for worship?

Both, there’s Gods who existed before humanity and there’s Gods/egregores who are creations of humanity.

Which category would Aphrodite and the Greek Gods belong to?

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Gods who existed before humanity from my experience. A lot of humans mostly the occult ones really like to believe we created all the Gods but I view it as these Gods introduced themselves to humanity.

However in chaos magick one can create their own God servitor it would take time unless it was given large sources of energy/attention for rapid growth.

There’s born Gods, titled Gods, and egregore Gods which all three are pretty different yet similar in some ways.

Are titled gods Entities that proclaim themselves to be god?

Titled Gods are entities who have gained followers who view them as Gods such as some of the goetic demons get called gods by their worshippers.

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