Is flushing an outrage for it

Hello Everyone,

Since we do not have going water around here I wonder If flushing is an outrage to the sigils and is it works

I highly doubt that a sigil would have enough consciousness and critical thinking about your actions in order to feel outraged

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Weird question :man_facepalming:

Running water, you mean?

If the service isn’t working for whatever reason, then dispose your sigils any other way. It is water. You need it. Just a practical way to understand this.

Flushing is fine. It is technically running water. No spirit is going to be offended over it. It’s not like you are going to be urinating on it or taking a crap on it, which could be seen as offensive. Personally, I don’t think the spirits really care. Once the seal is closed, it is just inert matter.

If running water isn’t available, burn the seal and then toss the ashes to the wind, or bury them in the Earth.

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I got flower soil inside my room is it ok If I bury it

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Yes, that is fine. :+1:

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