Is evoking necessary to talk to entities?

As a few of you know by what I have posted I am a newbie with regards to a lot of the things here. My question is do you need to evoke the entity every time you wish to converse or is that totally unnecessary. My feeling is that once evoked you have a connection to the entities and that further evocation is only useful in trying to manifest them in a more physical sense. You can basically have conversations with them without the need for further evocation. Is this correct? I have been evoking every time I want to talk but in thinking about it that came up.


Evocation rituals are a good way to draw one’s physical senses into the process and project one’s willpower in a concentrated burst, but spirit communication is almost impossible to not do.
The skill is to realize which thoughts are being fed to you by an outside source.

I suggest contact with Athena, who loves the art of philosophy, but most right hand path entities are good for sustained contact and conversation.

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i have never evoked a demon my entire life!
i humbly call / invoke them - NO FEAR - and they come full stop

once you feel like you have the connexion, you can politly call them almost anytime , if they are not busy.
i remember Lilith strongly refusing my call during the night because she was busy she threw me away with an amazing headache


Thanks for confirming. I was thinking I was having some really amazing conversations and I just wasn’t sure.


No, invocation & basic spirit communication are sufficient.

Spirit communication: gaze at the sigil —> enter theta gamma sync with the intent that you wish to speak with the entity, call them ----> speak to them

Far, FAR easier than evocation and it can be done whenever and wherever. You can even get a picture of a sigil, put it as your wallpaper on the phone or something, gaze at that and communicate with an entity when you’re out and about (talk internally though, because you’ll be in public). No one will ever know.


:rofl: yeah I have to speak low or in my head at home even. I think reciting the enn a few times in my head is enough judging by what I have been experiencing


Depends. Some people are very good at summoning spirits, and are quick at doing it. There’s also the factor of knowing the spirit. If you’re close to a spirit, they’ll come to you faster than before.

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Agree with all that’s been said, and if you keep scrying them on the same patch of wall (like people use black mirrors for) you’ll eventually create a kind of portal, and they can then “ping” you from there by creating a visual manifestation near it.

Any kind of portal and/or standing alwats is like having your e-mail client open and they can usually send messages through it.

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