Is Evoking an entity actually disrespectful?

I have issue that’s been bugging me recently and I don’t know where to rest my mind…

So in S. Connolly’s ‘The Complete Book of Demonolatry’ it she says Evocation is the act of summoning an entity like one would a servant. Other sources that I’ve come across that mentions evocation and invocation only says to invoke you call the entity inside of your body and to evoke you call the entity outside of your body. Can anyone offer their opinion on this subject? It would be very much appreciated :blush:

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Demonolatry is demon worship, I know, I’m beginning practice. To someone working that system, it is disrespectful to treat these beings like servants by making them come to you to do your bidding.


Could ask them to come, they stick around longer when you ask. Been seeing some weird shit lately lol.


And just to make it clear, I don’t think evocation is disrespectful. But there should always be a purpose behind it. An important one.


Thank you! you’ve put my mind to rest :blush:

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Not a problem at all

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What do you mean you’ve been seeing weird shit? As in visions or entities?

It comes from different interpretations of the word.

The common usage is that evoke = outside, invoke = inside, S Connolly for some reason equated evokation to forcing and binding something to serve you.

Both methods of evocation has its place, but theres nothing inherently disrespectful about evocation in the common sense, and even in S Connolly’s sense in some subtexts.


She did say something along the lines of using evocation to bring forth parts of the mind for self work.

I think that she was equating evocation to the traditional form of it, in which the subject is bound and subjugated

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Both visually and in visions and feelings of intensity and power. There’s times when I feel like I could do anything.

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demons and angels and particular spirits are aspects of the God-Mind, they want to work with you because they want you to evolve.

I must say, that in the system of demon worship - it does come with certain default parameters that are different from demonic ritual evocation where you point yourself as the center of your own universe, as the master of your own life, with the source of all that lives within you- the source which tall beings do serve, in some way or another (even demons) though they are prone to help you believe in yourself generally in several ways). They want you to recognize your own potential and expand upon yourself so that you can express yourself as the living individualized god you are.
(we all are , sharing the same source, in oneness and equality with all life- all being gods and goddesses, most literally).

Demons are aspects of the God-Mind and you are meant to master these aspects.
demons can help you with anything and are willing to help you within the ritual magick system where you center yourself as a living god- you don’t have to do any type of sacrifice or give something in exchange other than to accept the power they give you and work with it, you just ask in the name of the source, for example, or just in the setting below and you get your own pathworking going…; they just wish you to awaken to the God-Mind and play while awakening.

Very crucial to know though is that demons do not want to be worshiped, nor for us to sacrifice things but to take responsibility for the god-like potential which we have, and it does not automatically rhymes with random ‘evil’. but with self-power and kundalini awakenment,…;
If you strip away the name demon and the form, it comes down to a pattern of your own God-Mind, an aspect of it- and the downside of worship is that they show you what it is like to not see yourself as a master of these forces and it leads to self-enslavement. There are people here on earth as in the cosmos that become servants of Lucifer for example but that path leads to what the illuminati (see bohemian grove videos on youtube for example) members suffer -especially when it involves other people- who end up enslaving eachother - a bit like the star wars scenario - where darth vader is like, you do what I say, or else…; it attracts those kind of people in your life…

it can get nasty and not end up in one’s awakening to one’s own godhood - I say that to respect to anyone here - it’s a conclusion drawn out of the observations of cause and effect - it also turns one into using only a small fraction of one’s infinite potential including archetypal aspects of oneself on all levels of existence.


Just gonna drop this here cause timing :rofl: i literally just finished it when i saw this.


I get what you’re saying, thanks for the help.

Thanks :smiley: