Is enockian magick still being used to control the world?

Is the royal family still using magickians to control the world keeping them in power like they were doing with john Dee?

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Enochian magick has nothing to do with “controlling the world.”

Do you really think, if John Dee was using Enochian Magick to control the world for the royal family, that he would have ended up as he did? He lost his position, and his political connections, and no one took him seriously lol


Bro I’ve been using Enochian for several months. No world controlling abilities so far.:joy:
However, it’s great for changing your inner world.


Yeah it’s still used but not sure they use it to control the world - personally I think the control is all smoke and mirror illusions

No. It controls it as much as “truth” videos talk about illuminutti Zionist satanic magicians who use the kabbalah magick to make you communist and gay.

But on a serious note, look into enochian magick, Donald Tyson wrote Enochian Magick For Beginners which will be of help in understanding it, as its pretty difficult to understand all of Dee’s 1500’s lingo