Is E.A ok?

I was watching this video

And I couldn’t pay attention movements were jerky he couldn’t sit still and I don’t want to assume but it felt like he was tweaking.


well magick is like a drug and can leave you looking like a crazed mad man and tweaker… should also note he has a criminal record for drug use and drug dealing so not a far stretch he’s out there in the woods getting high

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that’s a very recent video right

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I only watched the first 2 mins but ya it seems like he’s on something but who cares? it’s his own life he can do whatever he wants. I know that if i was him I wouldn’t want people bringing this up on my own forum but thats just me.

either hes on an upper or anxious about something else. all the signs of sweating and quick movements along with how his eyes look say on something that’s what it looks like from my experience with stimulants.

his other videos he is a lot calmer and relaxes but nobody really knows but him and it shouldn’t matter what he’s on if he even is on something. at least he still takes the time to work and if he is using well addictions are the most difficult thing to overcome in this life.

it doesn’t change what he’s done and given through his work.

now I’m not an EA lover but that’s just my opinion. to each his own. and if he was using well someones substance use doesn’t define them
just my opionion


He works out in the mornings and is pounding coffee. Most likely having the jitters. Happens to me all the time


could be drugs could be caffeine could be nicotine could be alcohol or just pure magick high I am not against drug use tbh and smoke tons of grass it’s legal where I am…

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Honestly idk if he does drugs I just enjoy his content and I’m one of those few people thAt care about the health of others


dude is pumped and swollen imo I hate physical work outs and don’t do them I eat junk food smoke grass and drink caffeine but never ever work out my body fuck that…

Belphegor demon of sloth is a good symbol for myself

yeah he did them was arrested for drug and firearm possession he talks about it a lot

Hit the gym

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I am aware, he talks about it in anthology 3

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I think it was hard drugs as well not just grass and mushrooms

just FYI how old is EA anyone know I am 31 just want to know if he is a millennial or Gen X

also there is a topic just for EA FYI

he is looking very good and healthy,the eyeballs all white and clean,a little sun on skin,maybe he is going to gym and drink some of those thermogenics that leave us accelerated…

he does looks excited about something too…
maybe a bit of anxiety,normal…good video


yeah, look like he is on something but if so, that’s his business… still like him


Did you ever consider that maybe in that moment you shouldn’t get it exactly as stated, but a personal, different transmition that gone on energetically?

I know some transmitions are imbeded for specific listeners, which is awesome, becouse actually only sorcerery can do this to such a degree.

I wouldn’t know of any specific drug which haves such abilites. :wink:



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I know what you mean watched him with JD but i have problems with watching it nowadays. In the videos with JD it’s to much ego.


And if I remember correctly you know him personally? Then he’s fine.

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I saw the video, this one is extreme, it’s not from a workout. But on the other hand he has a good time. But please pay attention and i hope he’s careful that it’s not everytime or if it get’s worse.