Is Duke Sallos talking to me? I need your insights

Okay, so I envoked Duke Sallos last night and now I have this weird feeling, sort of warm energy, I’d say that is really hard to ignore. So i gave in.

Since Im just a beginner, I have no idea how to answer what I think are questions that someone is asking to me through my mind. Note that I am in no way thinking about those questions which are kinda funny, responses are funny too. Im not sure if this is a placebo effect but I have this feeling that I have a connection with Duke Sallos. I asked him to come see me in my dreams so we could talk more. I feel like he would like to know more as to why I requested what I requested to him.

Before I slept last night too, I used an incantation to see and hear an entity. Im just not sure what is happening since Im still a newbie at this but definitely willing to learn. On top of that, ever since I was a child, I could tell that my third eye is open. Also, sorry for my broken English as its not my native language.

Could someone please tell me whats going on haha i just need insights

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You could answer by just saying or thinking your answers. If you hear him speak with you, that should work both ways :wink:

You could also try to use pendulum or tarot to communicate when it’s not clear for you what he wants but from what understand you know what he wants to know.

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Im planning to get a pendulum too but since we are in a quarantined zone, I couldnt get one. :frowning:

I answered all of his questions and when I told him, I need to get back to work, those questions literally went away. I thanked him for listening and for talking to me. I cant believe that this is actually working. I just created this account yesterday so I still could not wrap my head around it. :rofl:


When I told him that he can also talk to me in my dreams, I heard him say, "Are you sure you won’t get scared? I answered him, “No. Im not a scaredy cat.” but my heart was pounding so hard haha maybe because Im also excited to meet him. :rofl:

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@dollarvaluemenu im not sure if im allowed to mention anyone who hasnt seen this post yet but since I cant PM you yet, would you be so kind as to let me know your insights about my experience with Duke Sallos? :blush:

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