Is drawing a sigil required or is printed sigil ok?

I think it is fine. I will do a basic trace of the spirit seal, and then fill in the details by hand.


So basically the sigil remains charged and activated even when folded until task is completed. Afterwards it’s to be burned into the ether to close that gateway.

I understand the spirit of the sigil somewhat remains with us as EA pointed out even when it’s burned. My concern is while the sigil remains charged and activated, the possibility of parasitic entities entering through that gateway until the sigil is actually burned. That’s a possibility right?

Also should I depart the spirit prior to burning sigil?

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Not really for me anyway, I have not had a problem with parasites. I have set a time frame for the castings completion or at least asked for a sign that a deity has agreed to the casting anywhere from 3 to 30 days, after that I would usually burn the sigil, unless I wanted to wait longer for possible success and completion.

Yes, after the ritual is completed, I thank the spirit and ask them to depart.

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By casting, are you referring to the task you ask them to help you with? I apologize for all the questions lol.

And worst case scenario I imagine I can ask them to banish possible parasites just in case one slips through. Then yes, I ask to depart and then burn sigil after.

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No problem, yes and yes. You might also have a look at the link I posted on sigils, it should cover all of your questions.

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I’ll check it out. I appreciate it🤝

I see your thread. I’ll definitely try drawing sigils to the best of my ability. I’ll just need to look up the image to then draw it from scratch on my blank piece of paper.

I’m still reading the thread. Very detailed.

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Thank you and good luck with your sigils and rituals.

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Well thanks to you actually. And you’re welcome.

Previously I was looking up sigils online trying to charge them that way LOL. Then I came across a post by EA verifying that drawing the sigils gives most success. I find your thread further expands on that.

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Do you have to draw the complete sigil or can you just draw the sign without the circle around it