Is Draconian magic a form of black magic?

Just wondering. After reading Masons book, I am interested to know if Draconian magic would be considered black magic, or would it be considered something else?

Yes, it would be considered black magick. According to their web site, the current works primarily with Lucifer and the “Draconian Gods” like Tiamat, who was considered by the Sumerians to be the embodiment of Chaos (and thus was overthrown and slain by her children, the gods of Order).

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Depends on what you want to call it, technically there’s no such thing as black magick or white magick, etc. It’s mostly up to personal preference on what you want to consider it if either at all. Many people go into draconic magick under a different guise of dark, light, grey, neither or any but just purely draconic magick without all the extra unneeded labeling.