Is calling off spirits easy?

Im about to get a cleanse done but the calling off spirits part will that call them all off?

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Not really. Call off the spirits that you have used for a casting or calling off spirits that have been cast against you?

Spirits used for a casting

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Well, after you have finished your working, thank them nicely by name and bid them farewell.

A cleansing is good for clearing unknown or unnamed spirits, but since you’ve just been communing with these, you can say bye in person.

Imagine it was you, and you were just talking to someone at thier house, and instead of showing you out and saying bye personally they just stood in the middle of the room, no longer looking at you, waving thier arms and shouting “everybody out, now” as if you weren’t standing right there? Weird, no?

Also I wouldn’t send them away if you meant to send them out to perform work, they should already be off doing that unless they have more to tell you, and you want them around in this case.

Once you make your pact or ritual spell work and your requests have been acceded too it is very difficult to be rescinded, once it cast it usually is cast and your spell has been carried out the deity will want you to perform your end of the bargain before it begins or completes what has been cast. At the end of each ritual I would also perform a banishing and ensure that the spirits that were summoned have departed.

If you cast any sort of spell with the help of a deity and then change your mind half way through the deity may not wish to reverse your pact or castings it could be seen as a sign of disrespect depending on the type of deity you are working with, so you should always be a 100% sure of your intentions, and do not cast anything with doubt in your heart or start to perform rituals asking for guidance.

The reason is i think theres been too many spirits called for the one job and i would like just one working on the case now

But i want to be nice to them so they will work with me in the future

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Are you employing chaos magic?

Im not sure what that is?

My spellcaster does it for me

Chaos magic is not calling on specific deity but calling on all the forces of darkness to effect a casting. So a multitude of spirits will carry out your work not just one.

If your employing someone else to do your work there is always doubt as to the result and what was actually done.

Why do you want to call off the spirits that were summoned by the spellcaster you hired?

Because i feel its not working and ive got too many working on it and maybe they are clashing or something

Moerbei, that’s Afrikaans for mulberry, is it not true though that you can create your own personal type of banishing that does not get rid of spirits working for you, with you, or protecting you? Thus this type of ritual would seem ideal.

I asked dantalion to carry out a task. I changed my mind so connected with him and told him. He replied by telling me I couldnt go back on it because it was now set in motion. He advised once I get the result I can use my free will and make the choice to accept the offer or not. He said I can take responsibility for my choices as a human being.


Its just i think i have too many people working on the case and its caused it to slow down dramatically