Is boredom a normal mood?

I know sadness, happiness or anger are normal moods and i know depression is not a normal mood, i don’t know if i’m explaining myself good, but is boredom a normal mood? And if it’s not normal what can i do to cure my boredom (with magick)? I mean i’m “happy” for first time in my life, but i suffer of boredom, maybe i’m tricking myself? I don’t know

Try a magick to be more happier, or a magick to explore (open doors to trips). There are tons of rituals/visualization you can do to manifest a motivated mindset. Search here in BALG that you’ll find innumerable ways to counter boredom

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It’s normal, it’s a low dopamine state: so it’s better to manage your dopamine to stay motivated, interested and productive.

We’re not taught to understand how important dopamine is and how it drives us, for good and ill, I think we should be taught this in school, when you see it it’s so basic. Blew my mind. :exploding_head:

Check this out:


Wow omg i totally forgot about dopamine, thank you so much :heart:


Huberman is excellent :100:

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You don’t need to “feel” something every time. Emotions, including boredom, can be annoying.