Is blood magic good or bad

Is blood magic something i should be doing as a beginner. I dont really think it is but i need the extra power or whatever. And yeah i only know love spells and vampire spells mostly so i have no clue what im doing


Hi, if it’s something you feel you should not do then you shouldn’t Do you mind me asking how old you are? You said you were grounded by your parents in your other post. This could cause a problem with your parents which could thwart future practice.

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I’m 15 but i’ve been researching magic since i was like 9. I was grounded for another reason even if my parents don’t approve of this. I have a woods in my backyard so i do stuff out there.

There is no good or bad magic. Just in how use it and how bad you want to call something forth. I called papa kalu to viciously attack my ex and give her depression. Which worked wonders on her mental health.


Non of my business but i really hope you had a good reason for that :flushed:

IMO no, I’ve been doing magick 25+ years, I use it VERY seldom: it can be a major binding, it’s not necessary most of the time, and when you splash it around you link yourself in all kinds of ways, while undermining the special nature of it.

Spirits who have my blood have something special, people who slash, or splash semen and menses freely, are just cheapening themselves.

Wait until you have GOOD comms with spirits and can reliably converse with them before linking yourself on this primal level.


I wouldn’t if I was you (given your a beginner) but you could give it a shot. I would start slowly (few drops on the sigil then move up to larger amounts.)


I have over 20 years in magick and have used blood all of twice, so I agree with @Lady_Eva. It is unnecessary most of the time. You can get results just as good in easier ways, especially as a beginner.

I recommend Chaos style sigil magic to start with.


I personally don’t believe in blood magick in the sense it’s a single stand alone thing, rather you can use blood in magickfor anything, the idea is that blood magick makes it more likely to backfire on you if it does due to the blood ties. I personally disagree with it.

I find adding blood to your energy work/rituals just helps giving it a physical ties, instead of just a spiritual one, you’re blood anchoring it to this plane. That’s just me.


I would not say it is necessarily a good or bad form of magic. Like everything else, it depends on how you use it. There are usually two things I recommend to anyone who is interested in working with blood: know how to harvest it safely (a majority of the time, a few drops are all that is needed which can be harvested safely using alcohol pads to disinfect and medical lancets from a pharmacy) and to figure out what blood actually means to you. What is the first thought that comes to mind when you bleed? How do you tie blood to life? How does it out power to the ritual you are thinking of performing?

In regards to Ceremonial Magic ( and arguable many others) how things are represented in your mind echo into the ritual and eventually into manifestation. Correct me if I am wrong @Lady_Eva and @DarkestKnight but I believe it relates to the first principle of the Kybalion (the principle of Mentalism). If you believe that giving blood gives life to the manifestation of your goal, it will hold power.

Personally, I use blood in a majority of my rituals, ranging from money spells to evocation to offerings. It is my way of showing myself how serious I take the task at hand and gears my survival emotions into my will to push the reality I desire to create. There is also a part that reflects my training working with Icelandic Staves, where i was taught that blood is treated as a way to give “life” to the working. It is a hat tip to the story of Blood been given to fallen trees to create the first humans in Norse mythology. But that is for me.

If you are not comfortable with the idea of it, it is perfectly okay not to practice it. As you heard, there are many different ways of performing magic, and not all involve the use of blood


I use blood a lot and I never ever cheapen myself doing that, and it is still a very potent thing to give to a being who is willing to do a lot of work for you. I don’t use it for every spirit, but it’s very valid form of offering for those who enjoy it and repeated use doesn’t in any way reduce the value or effectiveness of it. It’s true it does link you to the spirit in question, which is why I use it mostly with those who I either work with regularly or those who require it because the working is a long term one. But when you summon a spirit, you are opening a door that will never be closed anyway.

Each to their own.

@shadow1111 I was a beginner when I started this practice and I’ve never had an issue. It’s always empowered my workings. The only thing that can and will backfire on you is your mind, due to fear, unworthiness, doubt, etc. Don’t do it if you’re not feeling good about offering blood. Only do this when you feel good about it.


Ok, i will defiantly take that into consideration. Thank you

I will look into chaos style sigil magic more, thank you for your advice


If you have no clue what you’re doing, you should be nowhere near any type of advanced spells and practices. Though, I don’t believe blood magick is considered advanced or dangerous, it would be best if you waited and gave yourself time to learn the basics first. There is no good or bad magick, there are good or bad people. The way a practitioner uses their magick can be bad, but the magick itself takes no sides.

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U can use ketchup to represent blood or red syrup like in the movies lol. And it will still work just as good as real blood… haha . :laughing: Or if u happen to somehow unexpectedly get bloody nose. You can save a bit of it to do blood magick rather than slashing self or pin poke self deliberately.

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@Lady_Eva Does blood bind and link someone to the spirit sort of like a pact? Or in other words, does the spirit remain with someone and do as it wishes?

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Yes, but then I don’t think the Principle (especially if just comprehended intellectually) would mean blood is NOT a major link, when offered to a spirit.

The Priciple of Mentalism isn’t that everything is subjectively controlled in the operator’s mind (at least, not at first) so in the context of whether someone can hear about it, then continue to offer blood and not have any potential links being formed, I would say that’s like thinking you can drink washing up liquid and be happy because your mind says it’s lemonade.

You need to be synching your mind with the mind of the All to be able to make phsyical things change their properties.

That’s my take on it, anyway.

You have a very strong concept of what you’re doing, and a reason based in peer-tested methods (or “Use of a workin g metjod” as E.A. described that in the evocation seminar) - I dig that, but I do think it’s different to people who hack and slash freely and ofer blood to spirits without having any contact first, or really, any framework about why to do it.

One can always step forward and offer blood later, when there’s a reason and a solid principle for why it’s being done.

That’s the point though, you again have a framework and set standards beforehand.

It depends on the spirit, the person, and why it was offered.

If you check the posts above from people who use blood a lot, as I see it they have a reason, a working method that requires it, and a framework, those in my opinion are the things to have in place before considering it, as a bare minimum.

But this is just my opinion, and I’m not the final word on this, no-one is, because we’re all very different and have different relationships with spirits, different goals, etc. :smiley:


That is a very valid arguement and I can see you point, especially in the context of someone brand new.


Yeah, I also learn by doing and i don’t want to use it to hurt anyone or take away anyone’s free will. I probably will try other methods after hearing everyone else’s opinion though

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Good and bad depends on the perspective of the individual. Since you are a beginner, i personally wouldnt do it if i were you because your just getting on your feet with this, but really its all your decision. What always matters in any form of magic is the intent and that you know what your doing in the first place

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