Is belief essential?

So I made my first servitor :grinning: I charged it up a couple of times and really envisioned it intensely when I was charging it up and commanding it to the task.

Only thing is I don’t feel anything off of it so I am not as aware of it as I am with working with a spiritual entity. I find that feeling connected to spirits have helped me to believe in them better.

But I don’t feel anything with my servitor. I am not able to see things due to my fear of seeing something but I can sense spiritual energy easily.

Do I need to believe and have faith in my servitor existing in order for it to work? Or should I just keep charging it more often?

I hope this does not rely on faith. I really am almost unable to believe in stuff if I cannot feel it.


Honestly? Just charge it and forget it.

Chaos magick is really a fun sideshow, but that’s all I see it as. An accessory, a side dish. Not the main course, but a very good pairing for it.

Is it a thoughtform servitor or a construct servitor? construct servitors dont require belief, while a thoughtform servitor does.

Hi @anon48079295 I am not sure, it says it’s a concentrated thought form but I also had to construct it a bit.

Sounds like a thoughtform servitor as construct servitors dont require belief just energy manipulation like a psiball is a construct servitor without programming basically.

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Thanks for the info @anon48079295 I’ll do some more research on thoughtforms. I have no idea how to create belief for a thought form I created :thinking:

Your servitor always existed, exists and will continue to exist because consciousness is the only reality. However, every other experience also exists because it is limitless consciousness. Just perform the ritual and know that it is real even if you refuse to believe. Belief will greatly enhance and speed up the transformation of consciousness into the desired experience but the truth is, all things exist whether we believe it or not.

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Thank you @987ritual for your insightful message. I appreciate the way you see things.

I have begun to acknowledge and visualize it in my mind, when I go walk next to where I told it to sit. It seems to be helping me to believe in it more so I am hoping this feels more real to me as time goes on.

It’s real whether it feels like it or not but for you to experience it as you normally experience your sensory reality will require a corresponding level of conviction.

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Also, if you want to have it as a powerful long lasting servitor, you might want to feed it often… everyday maybe, so it grows and becomes more powerful and easier to perceive.

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