Is banishing and other opening ceremonies are necessary for evocation?

I don’t have much privacy or area to do ritual like the Hermentic Magicians. I noticed that those rites only help me to get into the state necessary to evoke.

So I was wondering if banishings and other preliminary rites are even necessary…

In other words can I directly evoke a spirit sitting on my desk calling his name? No banishing, circle etc

And will that offend the spirit?

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hi John, from my personal experience, it’s completely fine. I believe, a lot of the times, the elaborate rituals are for us, not so much the spirits. I can feel energies, and have always noticed that the spirit is often present within seconds of me just thinking of them.

I do a lot of energy work, fire rituals, and mantra work. The rituals raise a lot of energy, however, have noticed no difference in spirit manifestations between doing rituals and just calling out their names.


You can banish without putting on robes or waving your arms around, just use this method:

I can send you a tutorial for a method you can do lying down or sitting with your eyes closed, but you will need to have at least 20 - 30m privacy and no distractions from outside (phone off, no kids or needy pets bothering you, things like that).


Plese send me the tutorial :slight_smile:

I often take a “straight to the point” (attempting the contact immediately) approach.
As quick banishings, I’m used to employ “Apo pantos kakodaimonos”, “Hekas hekas este bebeloi”, simple drawing of the 4 Pentagrams etc. The operation and the entity would theoretically take place/manifests upon a blank canvas, almost.


What Lady Eva says is true. No ceremony whatsoever is necessary. It’s all to help tune in your focus. If you can focus without it, then you don’t need it.

There is nothing wrong with needing ceremony to tune focus, however. If you need it, use it. Get the job done!


In my opinion I would say learning to cleanse energy and banish is important for safety reasons. For example if you had a hostile spirit knock you upside the head how will you get rid of it?

However I will agree with Anastasiya and Lady Eva, nothing is really necessary, in terms of getting into focus.

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I used to be where you are and let me tell you, the best thing I did was buy The Complete Book Of Daemonolatry. It got rid of that whole “What If” fear that comes with all this. These beings all love to do what they’re known to do. The only precaution you want to take is… well… not being a dick. They can be friends if you treat them like such or your worst nightmare… if you push them to be such. But all in all study the spirit then work with it to find out more. But of course there are spirits that are genuinely dangerous but you’ll know which are which simply by studying. Best of luck on your journey!


Cosmic Trekkies! :thumbsup:

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