Is Azazel good for beginners in evocation?

Alright so I was meditating on my third eye with Lucifer (he was helping me)
so I can begin to communicate with spirits better and halfway through my meditation I heard something like a door open
although the door of my room did not open then I felt a presence (A lot more intense then the energy lucifer was giving off at the time of the mediation) and a breeze of cold air hit me (it wasn’t freezing just very cool) and I felt something coil around my shoulder and a little bit of my neck and my third eye started to buzz a lot stronger
I then realized this was the presence of another daemonic spirit
maybe Astaroth? no, I wasn’t sure afterword I asked Lucifer and he said it was Azazel.
Should I work with Azazel to? I just started working with Lucifer too.

Keep in mind that I’m new to the LHP previously I was only practicing RHP activities.
It’s all happening so fast, to be frank, I’m a little overwhelmed.


Great success to you. Please keep us posted​:metal::muscle::fire:


Take your time. You have a lifetime of progress of ahead of you.

Start with Lucifer first. As you advance a bit more than work with Azazel.

You can always call him and ask him if you can work with both at a time. But I will suggest to start slowly.

Whoever you choose make sure to always have at least one main spirit that you will always work with even though you learn from the others.

Picking a mentor is not easy. Just make sure whoever you choose resonates with you as much as your resonate with him/her.

As you advance you’ll have more than one mentor, trust me, but you’ll still always have that one, main one, you will always go to.

I mean why would he just show up?

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Possibly cause he sees potential in you. Up to you if you work with him but he can show you many doors to new paths to explore. He can teach you ways to explore your own power.

Because they DO just come up to you.Happens to me all the time. I see them as working together for our ascent. When you are ready, the next teacher comes along. At least that is how it has been for me. although I may be different from the other people out there… because I am different… but I digress… It is your choice of course, but if he came to you I would take him up on his offer. He is a great teacher. Lucifer was right there and he let him introduce himself to you… You think that was just chance?

I thought Azazel would come around when I would have already developed my astral senses.

All I can really do is pick up short sentences and yes and no questions mainly.

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That is hard, but its how we learn. You can’t practice and learn without someone being there to practice with, after all. Right? I have SUCH a hard time with that. You are not alone. I feel like i am the weakest and everyone else can do it. But then i remember that no. We are all struggling and striving to get stronger and grow. So don’t stop trying.

On one hand, it’s important to start small; on the other, to dare is more stimulating and it may also be more instructive. I also summed in my mind some magical advices thus: if the operator is about to do something either difficult, immoral or dangerous, just become stubbornly convinced about it.

I would have to say the opposite can be of more use in the long run. For example first spirit i went to when i was young looking for a guide was the crawling chaos. As the name implies chaos filled my life and i had to learn how to order it. I went in search of knowledge and with his guidance i became good at hunting it down. Now i seek power and wisdom that comes from applying this knowledge and i was lead to a way to do just that.

The maxims of hermetics do come in handy on many levels.

To know, to dare, to will, to keep silent.