Is Au Set Lilith?

To both of you, who have more experience than me, I ask:

Is Au Set Lilith?

She (Lilith) calls out lately and I am having some rather… Intimate experiences with her. And some interesting ideas. Hard to explain.

Lilith is thought to be a separate aspect of Ishtar who is not AuSet. However, even then Au Set is not Lilith, Lilith energies elementally on a darker side while Au Set is more of a sky, light, healing, etc orientated Goddess, completely different energies.

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Thank you. Isn’t as huh? That makes sense.

Hmm… The plot thickens…

So what is Inanna/Ishtar to Set?

How does she figure in the relationship between Set, Au Set, Astarte and herself?

Inanna/Ishtar was considered one of Set’s wives, Set was thought to have had kids with Inanna. I personally believe two of Inanna’s sons are Set’s kids, specifically Lulal and Shara but there’s no evidence present of it.

I don’t think she remained one of his wives however as Nephthys was Set’s sister/wife while Inanna and Anat were considered his consorts at the time.

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Thanks for clearing that up, basically, Set has a history with Au Set, Nepthys, Anat, Astarte and Inanna/Lilith/Ishtar, correct?

Even if my UPG is correct and Set is Osiris, Au Set is both Nepthys amd Isis, Astarte is Anat and Lilith, Ishtar and Inanna are the same entity, that would still mean he has a history with 3 different goddesses at least! A love goddess, a sex and war goddess and a sky goddess. What a pimp! LOL :laughing:

Well I personally do not agree with him having a history with Aset and while I cannot agree with your UPG because my UPG says otherwise along with Egypt being part of my ancestry which led to my diving into it and stripping these Goddesses of their individuality is in my opinion shitting on their achievements.

Set love life includes Nephthys, Ishtar, Anat, and Taweret. Set shares many similarities to the Goddesses he was with, as Set is tied to storms, death, sex, war, and love just as these women were.


Interesting. I shall look more into this. Thanks :slight_smile:

Who is Tawaret btw?

The hippo Goddess of fertility and childbirth, Mistress of Pure water.

Mother of Babi who is thought to be one of Set’s sons. Babi whose name means Bull of the Baboons. While one of Set’s epithets is winged bull of Ombos.

Interesting! I never heard of her! I will have to look her up. Tell me, do you consider Astarte and Anat to be the same entities or separate? If separate, how come you left Astarte off the list when ahe is considered to be one of his wives/consorts?

Astarte is another name for Ishtar. Just the hellenized form of her name.

Ah. Gotcha. Thanks fpr clearing that up. So then do you consider Lilith and Asteroth to be the same entity?

I consider Lilith to be a fragment of Ishtar that became her own being, I do not consider Lilith a born Goddess like Ishtar is, but rather a Goddess given the title by those who worship her. Just as Azazel is a demon but also mentions to be a fragment of Shamash, Ishtar’s brother. Atleast if you trace Azazel back to Sumeria.

I see. Interesting… Thanks for the info Velenos!

I suppose, but eh I only speak off what I have experienced or was told by Lilith and Azazel. In case they tell me new information to change it.

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I’ve made this a new conversation, should also be easier for people who want to discuss it, and for finding in Search, cheers! :+1:


Thanka Lady Eva :slight_smile:

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