Is Astaroth trying to tell me something? and if so whats your opinion


So a couple of days ago I was listening to my Spotify playlist when All of Me by John Legend started playing, so I looked at the actual playlist to much of my surprise that it was on there and, I didn’t put it on there. Here is where I think Astaroth plays into this, About 1 or 2 weeks before this I started working with Astaroth and she said that she really like me because I had an interesting aura and that she wants more as far as her and my connections. I would really like your guys’s opinion.


^^^ another side not is that when I call Astaroth to be with me so I may talk with her, After when I ask her to leave she still lingers with me and I will have to go back and do a banishing spell.


I do feel they communicate through songs sometimes. If you feel like the song was a message, that’s all you need to know, trust your intuition.

Why banish though? If it wants all of you and lingers, and it doesn’t cause you any problems, she may be trying to work on your energy while you go about your day. I never banish entities I invited - the higher level beings have their own lives, and your interests at heart, maybe try letting it leave naturally when it’s done.


I banish because my little brother (unknowingly) can feel entities, and he will start to get nauseous if an ancient one is around, so I do banish out of respect for my little brother


This is starting to get a little weirder because she is telling me to listen to Guiding light, The Cave, I will wait, and Little Lion Man by Mumford and Sons along with All of Me, I’m not sure what to think because I just started thinking about summoning a succubus, and she has been very active lately, but not in a bad way? if that makes sense


Banishing spell was not a good idea,she hates that,let her stay as much as she wants.


will do


Nice one.
Lucifer is the Only Spirit i recall hijacking my personal stuff in that way.
He did work through Spotify, so there’s definately a call in that!

It took me a lot of Strength back then to banish.

  • you’re in a thunnel of manifestation.
    Trust into it, and go along with it.
    It’ll change your life for the better.
    In ways none of us can tell you by now.

Really, Congratulations.

Side note - mine happened around december 2014.




Thank you so much


So, Astaroth just came to me and she was pissed about the banishing spell, but she doesn’t want me to stop evoking her and she has asked me to call her Lady Star, now mind you I did not evoke her and I did not open my 3rd eye to actually hear this, but with my entire path working with Lady Star we have never actually spoken words to each other just telepathy and her putting her words into my thoughts, so with that said here is the actual conversation

Lady Star: This is Astaroth, but you know that my darling

Me: Yes I do, I’m not trying to be rude but why are you here?

Lady Star: To tell you a few things.

Me: May I know this things?

Lady Star: Of course. First off I do not like the banishing spell, if you want me to leave just ask, don’t be so forceful. Secondly, From now on refer to me as Lady Star. Thirdly I am one of your Guardians, I know you wanted to know who your guardians were and I wanted to tell u myself.

Me: I am so sorry Lady Star please forgive me, will you tell me who my other Guardians are?

Lady Star: I won’t tell you who the rest of your Guardians are because if I tell you then your relationships with them won’t be as strong as they would be if you found out by working with them.

Me: Ok, Thank you for the visit Lady Star, and once again please forgive me, May your travels back home be safe and fast.

Lady Star: Thank you my dear, and of course I will forgive you, I also know that you want to tell your friends on your (weird) forum, I give you permission.

Me: Thank you Lady Star I’m glad that you are letting me do that.

She left

I am typing this right after she left because it is so awesome and somewhat chilling, and of course I want to know what you guys think.