Is asmodeus connected to dragons

Considering he rides one?

No. Just because a spirit is said to ride an animal, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are connected to them. If you ride a horse, does that mean you are connected to all horses?

You have to remember that a lot of the descriptions of spirits are symbolic, not literal. King Paimon rides a dromedary because he originated in the Middle East, not because he has a connection to that particular animal, for example.

So what demon is connected to dragons?

Well, Satan is often referred to as “the Great Dragon” in the Bible.

Leviathan is also referred to as a giant serpent ie dragon like entity.

The Sumerian Tiamat is also called the “Great Dragon.”

If you mean, what demons do modern occultists mix with dragon fantasy, I think you can probably go with any one of them. It’s all subjective UPG after all, and there is no actual mythology to go along with the idea.

In Asenath Mason’s Draconic Tradition, for example, they work with Lucifer, Lilith, Leviathan, Hecate, Belial. Set, Arachne, Sekhmet, Nammah, Asmodeus, Mephistopheles, Samael, and Tiamat. Other than Tiamat and Leviathan, who are described in their respective mythologies as dragon-like, none of the names listed have anything at all to do with actual dragons. I mean, she shoved two Greek goddesses, an Egyptian god and goddess, two archangels, and a Judaic demoness in there. :man_shrugging:

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Tiamat and Leviathan are water dragons. I’m looking more fire the classic fire breathing dragon.

As I said, there are none. Everything is a creation of whatever occultist or roleplayer decides to mix the lore. The only connection between dragons and demons is that Christians view them both as evil. That’s pretty much it.

What you could do, however, is just find a demon whose corresponding element is Fire, and then attach him to fire breathing dragons yourself.

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