Is anyone willing to help clarify or interpret a few dreams?

When I was a small child I had several psychic experiences and strange dreams. One dream that was recurring for several months, at about age 7 was Lucifer standing before me. He looked beautiful and serene but he was wearing a white robe covered in blood. About a year later, I dreamed I was laying on my bed and all these miniature demons surrounded my bed and were laughing. In my teenage years, I had recurring dreams of being attacked by different animals but not being killed. These animals were sometimes a bear, wolves, werewolves. No matter which animal it was, it was always half black and half white. Then, in my twenties I was studying witchcraft. The night before my 1st degree initiation, I dreamed I was swimming in a marina but there were dam gates leading to the ocean. As I swam toward the gates there was this massively huge monster guarding the gates and looked at me and laughing said " evil lives". I knew in my dream that it was Leviathan. Next to me were 3 fish swimming and one fish swallowed the one before it and the third swallowed that one. I have also been visited by the pagan gods Diana and Loki in dreams but those were for guidance which I followed and it helped. Sorry this is so long, I am just trying to figure out if these dreams coincide. I have a deep yearning for power and knowledge but my background in this area was had very basic training without much application besides evoking/invoking and High Magick.

Interpreting dreams for others is always a bit iffy since they are so personal and deeply symbolic, you can spend years learning to decipher just your own personal symbols. Most of yours have a common theme though and it seems rather clear in essence (to me at least).

If several times Lucifer appeared before you I believe you know exactly what that means, if someone rings my doorbell once every week I can be sure they want me to open the door and want in. Likely they’re not interested in my house but the occupant, myself. You asking about that here like you have no idea feels like you’re trying to repress that truth or cannot deal with the idea that somehow you are special (by which I mean we often wish to structure our lives to the limits we see in others).

The dreams that follow can all be linked back to that first set as I see it. The demons laughing could be seen as inevitability, in a sense mocking your resistance to an idea you unconsciously understand just fine but consciously do not deal with so well. The animals assaulting you are in the same vein, you are shown that the path you are on is not what is desired, but at the same time you are protected from any real harm.

The half black and half white suggests you think about your concepts of good and wrong, left and right, God and Satan… it is herein suggested you renounce the initial offer because of a sense of morality. I do not know much about you but I feel you need to investigate what brought you here and how you feel about certain things, it’s funny that at age seven you dreamt of Lucifer and come here now, at the time Koetting has just been speaking about and working with him a lot. These coincidences are often… well to put it simply, not coincidences :slight_smile:

The dream about the fish once again asks you to review that which limits you, fish eats fish. Evil lives. Just what is evil? It lives, so says Leviathan, but does our understanding of the world even apply? Are you somehow uncomfortable with embracing the darker aspects in the shadow? If you weren’t, wouldn’t you be knee deep in evoking Lucifer to find out just why he decided to visit a seven year old multiple times? What is the connection and why do you approach it so passively?

Just my thoughts, and if it is any consolation, I too have taken to working with LCF in the last week or so, and it was nothing I had planned or thought would be romantic. Much the opposite, with all the Christian blah blah surrounding the mythos I was very reluctant to evoke “the fallen angel of light” (I believe the spirits exist beyond time, and thus our interpretations of them are just that and limit our view but not their reality of beingness). For all my doubts those that have served me well advised it, and so it is. Just stating it to give you some food for thought as to why I replied, or why I even saw your message at all :wink:

Good luck with all of this. Think a bit bolder and act bravely and the world may be different in a few years. Exciting no?

Yuri, thank you for your insight. You are right in that I am not oblivious to the symbolism. I asked to get another opinion because my psychic abilities are pretty much gone since. I have felt exactly the same about the meanings and all of them being connected to being called to Lucifer. I feared Lucifer when I was younger because I was raised Xtian but in the last 7 years I have overcome that fear and in fact I have evoked Lucifer a few years ago. I don’t believe in “evil” so I feel that comment was also symbolic especially because Leviathan was laughing. My feeling, besides what I thought the dreams meant is that Lucifer wants and has always wanted a closer relationship or partnership. This is why I wanted someone else’s perspective to help clarify. I felt his presence when I evoked him but since my psychic sight is still not open I have had trouble actually communicating with him. I have however communicated and built a solid relationship with Azrael. So again, thanks for the help.

I’m glad it was useful for you, I like how clear your dreams were, very inspiring to some I like to think. I’m not one for discussing the classical perception of Lucifer or good and evil and all that stuff, but, if you ever get stuck on proceeding and need a good ear I have been asked to offer the courtesy, so here you go. Good luck!

Thank you Yuri, I will keep that in mind should the need arise. :slight_smile:

I have a question about lucifer. I’m assuming Lucifer or any other spirit/entity intelligence would come to a person for a reason. Is there any common theme seen with lucifer coming to a person?

Major change in your perception of both yourself and the world around you seem to be the theme. Lucifer is, as I see it, close to the ultimate potential of the left hand path. As such he comes with the purpose to enlighten from that perspective, which means that initially he is often tasked with destroying your false belief system. Think extreme focus, powerful will, major change, upheaval, magick, discovery of self, the truth behind religion and power and you have a good idea about his energy and purpose.