Is anyone on here psychic or have interpretation gifts?

Lucifer gave me information that was true and then I had 2 visions and I want to hear from someone if they would be true. I want to message. Not tell the world about it.

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You can message me if you are still looking.

Check out my what do u make of this post. I ended up putting it on there.

Where is it. I don’t see it.

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Hmmm… it says I don’t have access

Same here. It says there’s nothing there

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Did you get a satisfactory interpretation or do you want my input?

No one else can access a private chat, so you’d have to link to an open topic for others to access it here, or just copy and paste what you said and post it in this thread.

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Im curious

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So…based on what you showed in the snap shot…Unless there was more, this very simply is foretelling the ultimate outcome of your spell.

She will for a time be susceptible to it, wrapped up in you like you wish. But at the end, she will wake up from that spell and turn on you. It will be an outcome worse than where you started…this shooting you could be metaphorical… symbolizing her turning on you…or it could be literal, saying that death could come for you as a result. Usually, obsession cases end in harm… not just the person moving on or living happily ever after…

If she shot you in the same location as where she was obsessed with you, then she will not take long to wake up from the spell.

You have to understand that an obsession is not healthy for either person. Not only does it cause trouble, but they will be very angry with you as a result once they become aware.

I know people around here don’t like the word Karma because it relieves you of any real responsibility… but whatever you want to call it, there is an effect for every cause. With this spell you have set something powerful and potentially very dangerous in motion… your dream is showing you a potential outcome of that.


I’m not sure about the Tower of Babel meaning…
Was there more to the dream…or just what was in the snap shot?

Yes I am

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I posted the dream above if you would like to help me. Please.

I don’t have access to that topic.

You can pm me or write to me here if u want

So I heard a voice telling me the tower of babel was built in dubai. Then I saw a vision of this girl that I did an obsession spell on. We were happily together and she was laughing and we were having lunch. Then right after that I had a vision of her standing over me and she had shot me in my chest multiple times…Ive slept with her in the past and we had somewhat of a thing. And it fell off. And she has been mean to me lately and ignoring me. That’s why I did the spell. If thats relevant… Also when I woke I looked it up on google and they did build a tower modeled after the tower of babel… Something else that may be relevant


The spell you did on that girl has backfired.

She shot you in the chest. You were struck and now the obsession spell will instead be on you. You are the target of that spell instead of her. The spell that you did on her will not work.


So I’ve been praying to Lucifer and has brought me tons of women lately. And she isn’t on my mind half as much as she used to be. I almost blocked her off all of my accounts because she is a horrible human being. I only casted the spell because I wanted to break her heart. Because she mentally abuses everyone she knows… Im just letting u know the current situation.