Is anyone monitoring the 18 Flames of OAA?

This is probably best addressed directly to you, EA.

In The Complete Works, you give us the OAA initiations in complete. As a group of exercises, they are very cool and very useful. But I’m wondering - will the initiations themselves do anything?

What I mean to say, is that while the order was running, it seemed like there was some sort of astral connection and/or surveillance going on so that when an initiate took upon themselves the first and each successive flame, there would be something that would “happen”, so to speak. Is this still the case? It seems logical to me that if the order was defunct, the initiation rituals wouldn’t work anymore, unless you created an egregoire or something to monitor the currents for them - or if the Flames are an entity/collective independently, and the Order was merely an instrument to allow magicians to connect with the Flames.

So… is it still possible for a person to work their way through the 18 Flames, or is it just a group of guidelines for practice now?

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That’s a great question redcircle, I was wondering something similar as well but haven’t started KOF and thought that the answer may be there. I was also thinking about seeing if any who got the complete works would like to have an OAA study group or path working group to discuss and compare results.

Yes, the Initiations will work, if you have truthfully mastered each Lesson and perform the Initiation rite. The Flames await all who are ready to receive them. I made sure of this through multiple soul travel experiences to set this up.


Thank you for the response, and thanks for the work in making it happen.

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I just got addicted to the Complete Works.
No more bullshit magick books for me.

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just to add that having received my Tomes on Fri- I read through parts, and then looked at the “first flame” of OoA… I’d done exercises like that before, but just read through (spending a few moments doing) and read through, doing the steps “quickly/lightly” in seq in the “initiation” part… gee …

-I emphasize above just went through- as assuming doing in more depth may be more so, but having does the seq I felt an opening (actually like a lock combo opening something) and I said "I accept the First Flame; I receive __ I become ___" Long story short- after over 24hrs of being totally achey-sore-exhausted tired

(not as in fried, nor really over exerted, but just wanting to lie-down, as well as feeling distracted… I could interp as being thinking of else- info download, but that is interpretation-supposition). So just my exper

----also on my awakening, I saw the azazael sigil that has been adjusted a bit over time, little tweaks that seem to tune it in more, and it was a bit different- and when I “focused my mind’s eye” so to speak on it- huge flash of mind-light (ie light inside, not a sense of light in room) and a sense of moving very fast- like soaring- a jet-boat, or aircraft (or deep-space ?) hit cruising speed… and then settled… just a thing that came up-
[uhZaySael- I BeCome the FirstFlame- the shine of KAOS]

(and I was fully awake, vs being in near-sleep state, it wasn’t a dream like state, as that feeling of movement and energy ripple and mind-light, all occurred mixed with full-physical sense, feeling in enviro- vs that sleep not feeling thing.)

unrelated- but I just re-watched “Lord of Illusions” 1995- film:
“the Flesh is a trap, but Magick Sets us free.” -Nix
and “look Upon Flesh, with God’s Eyes… what do you see?” -Truth or Illusions

" You ever watched a man die? If you watch very closely, you can sometimes see the soul escaping. And if you’re very quick, you can catch it. "

Dorthea: "What are you?"
Nix: “A man who wanted to become a god… and then changed his mind.”

I love that movie.