Is any effort required in magic?

If you do magic for wealth for instance, and then literally just sit in your bed and do nothing all day, what can you expect? Can you perform sex or lust magic and expect women to initiate contact, essentially doing nothing and just waiting for them to call you? Is there a spirit I can contact or a spell I can perform that removes the need for putting in 3D world, mundane efforts?

I understand that in most cases you probably must apply some effort. For instance, maybe one asks for $1000 dollars using magic. It is incredibly unlikely that a bank error occurs or something else happens and the money just appears. It’s unlikely to be contacted by random women or women from your past for sex out of the blue, if you aren’t out being social. It is possible though, just unlikely.

Essentially I am wondering how lazy can you be with your magic, is it enough to make a request and not make any lifestyle changes, is staying physically healthy and spiritually aligned enough? Is it realistic to just perform a ritual, become unattached and meditate all day, and results come?

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That kinda depends. I’ve had large amounts of money show up unexpectedly that required like 30 minutes of my time. I’ve been at parties and just out and about where girls initiated flirting/dancing with me. I had to show up to the party and give off good vibes but that was it. Back in the day before certain legal changes, this guy in my phone dropped off the face of the earth, and a guy I knew found a new guy that charged like 50% or 66% or something like that of the last guy, and I didn’t do shit except perform the ritual and wait a couple weeks.

In my experience, magick does a whole, whole lot. If you do even the slightest thing to support the magick, it goes a long way. If you’re doing more, you can expect magick to support your actions.

If you do wealth magick, you can expect magick to begin to guide you towards this wealth. Especially if you dedicate yourself to this, you can expect it to be an inevitability, but the further you are away from that state of wealth, the more changes have to occur, both to you and to your surroundings.

I suppose it’s a matter of priority. What matters to you? If you are financially wealthy, you could probably sit in bed all day, doing nothing, and nothing would happen. Nothing good, nothing bad, just nothing. If that sounds like a desirable state to be in, and to get there you have to do some stuff, stuff that is revealed to you by your magick, then really it’s up to you whether you do it or not.

At this point for me, I don’t really think too much about results. Perhaps this is ironic, as I do encourage newcomers to magick to focus on getting results and learning how manifestation works, but magick has become so woven into my being that I am often in a state of ease when it comes to my rituals and my life. I’ve seen enough to know that magick is doing its thing.


This is encouraging, thank you. So, would you say faith in your own ability is more significant and impactful than actually going and taking action in most situations?

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I’m not sure I’d put it exactly that way. You can trust in the magick or not, so long as you do not lust for result (in the bad way) and excessively worry about your magick it tends to work, in my experience, sometimes quickly, sometimes over the long-term.

Taking action is essential, though. Sometimes that just means taking magickal action. But if you really expect to, let’s say, increase your wealth without changing anything about your life, then you’re either already wealthy or you are kidding yourself. I don’t think you have to break your back with endless work, but magick has been guiding me towards what I need to do to increase wealth for many years. Everyone’s path is their own, but change tends to be what is needed. Sometimes, magick can do all that for you, and sometimes, a small (or large) action from you gets boosted and empowered by magick.

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How many years or just how long would you say it took you to get to this state?

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I don’t think I can say exactly. In my earliest days it was always about wanting a certain important change to happen, like striking back at an enemy, having some protection, seeing what would happen with money magick, then for a while it was exploring demonic magick and seeing what the demons could do.

I’d have to check for the details, but after doing magick for about 6 months (after around that long meditating) I wound up in a situation where I was doing a 10ish minute ritual in the morning and then two longer, more involved rituals later in the day. And now I realize I misremembered before, I actually started Wealth Magick perhaps after like 2 monthsish of this 3 ritual per day routine. I’d usually do a WM ritual and do other stuff depending on when it was.

The Gallery of Magick has a few rituals on their website that I used to go through a more “mystical” journey. I wasn’t entirely aware of what I was getting myself into, but when it comes to magick and spiritual practices I tend to do the practice, you know. I did the Identity Ritual, the ritual for Greater Magick Power, and the Unfreezing Ritual, targeted at myself. This was while doing mostly angel magick. I used to do a lot of archangel magick, and I’ve done some shem angel magick a bit. There would be the occasional demonic evocation and rituals with various money spirits alongside the archangel invocations and evocations.

I could go into more detail, and I’ve written about this before, but for now I’ll say that magick doesn’t always slam you out of nowhere with a big, shocking realization. I’d say usually it’s more of a gradual, creeping erosion of ignorance.

There have been some moments that stand out though. One time Metatron sliced my consciousness in half. At least that’s what it felt like. One time I realized that I could feel my consciousness extending out from my body into the world around me. It was like feeling a billboard along a highway like you feel an arm or a leg. I believe that I also briefly tapped into the potential for greater psychic abilities than I possessed at the time. I don’t know if these were accurate, or if it was simply a glimpse into possibility. This state lasted for a few hours and then faded.

During this time and after it, I also gained the ability to see the light of magick shining through into material existence. This has been described before by others, and is usually associated with a beautiful perception of the world, like beauty is apparent wherever you look. This is not self-delusion, but an opened sensory experience.

When things like this happen to you, it becomes much easier to chill out because you are pretty sure that magick is working. The mundane results certainly also bring confidence, but you could probably rationalize those away forever. Directly experiencing magick is what changes you.

I don’t like to hype up what magick can do or encourage false expectations, but there is a reason we do these magickal practices.


What was the name of this forum again?

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Indeed, recently I wondered… If in extraordinary situations there is nothing else one can do, do count (for example) small and/or symbolic actions like, in case of wealth, using a cryptocurrency faucet and, for love, studying dating advices etc?
In this naturally there is already something useful; perhaps from faucets a few pennies may be pulled out, and one get informed on how to meet the possible spouse.
It also seems that taking action may be replaced by “raising vibration” (of course, not being sad nor tired…)

Depends who you ask. I tend to be of the belief that the less I do irl, the better. Obviously it makes it easier to get results if there is some kind of avenue of opportunity, but in my experience the more thought or attention I give to the “how/when/why”, the more it hinders my results.


Frankly you don’t need to do anything necessarily. I mean, I’ve gotten money from sources who required nothing from me in return. But if its something you want in a timely fashion, its good to have some sort of route. But I’m not one who obsesses over having a route for results to show up like others do. From what I’ve seen, if you don’t have a known route…magick will create one. Just don’t expect the money to literally come flying through your window and land on your lap. You may, at the very least, need to go to the bank to cash the cheque.

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It sort of depends on your request, for a parking spot I can just do a little chant 'joan of arc, Joan of arc, please find me a place to park" and it always works, but that’s a parking spot.

For wealth I’ve done 12 months (a year) worth of magick and have researched methods of wealth to make a lot of money in.
The research is a step and effort in itself but execution is another monster.

Execution takes patience and consistency, if you are starting relatively poor or “middle class” there’s a lot of mental work and foundational money work.
For example you’re not going to get rich with one source of income working as an employee, it’s just not going to happen.
But you have to evolve out of that stage, it’s a slow process… most people don’t get rich overnight from a business idea it takes months, even years of work.

Also if you’re looking to be lazy and looking for shortcuts I’m sure it will affect your results. You reap what you sow…

That’s why some people say magick doesn’t work. Why use magick at all if that’s all it takes? What you just said is typical advice that many entrepreneurs and investors give to newbies. Of course they make it sound easy, but it’s really not and takes years of hard work in some cases, just like magick as many of you are alluding to on here. That doesn’t sell books or attract viewers though so they don’t tell the whole 100% truth but it is.

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I wouldn’t mind hearing more about that if you don’t mind talking about it. That sounds like a fascinating experience to have and life changing to boot.


While effort is important and pays a role . I’ve seen that intent and what kind of situation you’re in might even over power any “effort” you could put into a spell or ritual . I’ve recently been in really hard moments where my energy was low, sucked up, and pulled out… so what kind of effort could I put into a spell if I feel I have no energy ? Spirits can see that and feel that you’re low on "life force " BUT When times are called for desperate measures and all you have is your fucking heart , blood, and tears , that’s all you need at the end of the day. I started to realize how fast I was getting results when my petitions became less about WANTS and more about NEEDS. Like I NEED to get out of this life threatening situation such and such etc "Please help me spirit " I also keep dealing with liars who I would need to do mind control spells on and every time I did one king paimon saw how bad this thng needed to be sorted out and its like in the snap of a finger it manifests .
My point is effort isn’t always a factor . specially when you’re hanging onto your life. What kind of fucking effort exists in those moments other than the tears pouring down your face because you have nothing in you left to give. and it’s in these moments I learned spell work and the potency of intent when that is all you have

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Also kinda reminds me of what yoda said
do or do not there is no try
and magick CAN be like that
do or dont there is not effort
Hope this brings some help

Isn’t this just very old wisdom that’s true outside of magick as well as within?

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It’s the sort of thing people don’t usually ask about. Some find it easier to believe that magick could change the color of a planet than provide insight into how this all really works. And then when you do talk about it, good luck.

The Metatron experience I believe was similar to what some Buddhist texts describe as “cessation,” where subjective conscious experience blanks out into nothingness and then arises again. Presumably this is different to being asleep, when it is possible to retain and clarify the awareness that is present while in deep sleep states. This is like turning it off and then back on again, but like all the way.

I try not to read into this too much, but I am curious about what may be occurring within the brain. Most everything you read about “left-right brain” stuff is absolute, complete nonsense. You do have two hemispheres or halves to the brain that are connected by this “bridge” structure, but there is no such thing as a “left-brain person analytical type” or a “right-brain person creative type.” There are some who enjoy math and stuff and some who enjoy art and stuff, but these things are not localized entirely within one hemisphere of the brain. Certain cognitive functions, like the various things involved in language processing, are localized to specific regions of the brain, but these are more “low-level” things that everyone needs, and if these areas are damaged it causes predictable loss of function.

What interests me are “split-brain” patients. These people had the “bridge” that connects their brain hemispheres severed so that there is no communication (or at the least very very very little) between the halves of their brain. Important to note here is that your right hemisphere controls the left side of your body, like your left arm and eyeball, and vice versa.

Studies with these individuals has shown that information processing can occur outside of conscious awareness. Basically, they were shown a box with a divider down the middle so that each eye could only see what was on it’s side of the wall. If I recall correctly (you can google “split-brain” studies), the person could say what the right eye could see because fundamental language processing occurs in the left hemisphere, but not the left eye. Despite not being able to tell you what the left eye saw, if I recall correctly, if you showed them a group of images, they could point to what was in the left eye’s side of the box, perhaps only with their right hand. This was one of the more dull examples, I believe.

I try very much so to avoid pseudo-scientific quackery, but I am intrigued by the possibility of damage or some sort of stimulation to this “bridge” between hemispheres (the corpus callosum) to cause changed communication between brain hemispheres. Some have speculated that there could be an entire “being” or consciousness hidden away in the right hemisphere, unable to be known due to its lack of language processing abilities. Whether or not this is actually true, I find it to be an interesting allegory for what occurs when one attains the insights and abilities that magick can bring.

I suppose as a side note, when summoning Lucifer I occasionally felt drawn to the cerebellum and the spine. Not everyone knows that the spine is actually a part of the nervous system, just like the brain. Many messages travel to and from the brain along the spinal cord. The cerebellum is the little bulge at the back towards the bottom (I forget how to name brain regions, rostral dental pre-frontal orbital whatever), which many animals possess and is in charge of subconscious essential life functions, like regulating heart beat (I think) and stuff like that.

So I suppose take that as you will. I don’t dwell on this much, even when I think about these experiences. They were magickal experiences, and I don’t feel the need to justify my experience with dodgy “scientific evidence.”

The other one should make some sense if you know much of anything about magick. EA puts it this way - Omniscience, Omnipotence, Omnipresence. All is mind. I can tell you that you continually manifest the world as the light of magick, beyond the bright light and the dark light, light and dark, time and space, mental or material physical being, passes away, arises, passes away, in all moments, and you can contemplate and think about this and perhaps even start to act like it is true, but something changes when you come to know this in a way that is beyond words, images, any sort of label.

If you know, you can probably tell if someone else does or does not. Those with the most bravado tend to be the least realized. When you come to understand magick, at least come to understand it more, it gives you a clarity and a sense of peace because you know what is really going on.

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