Is an angel always there for you?

I’ve done a protection ritual and a ritual that brings relief because of an obsessive thought of fear.

I still was and still am afraid and I obsess myself over a situation. Angels should be able to make the rituals I’ve performed manifest, since it’s an easy ritual and not a grand desire that would take months or even years.

I’ve found relief after the ritual but it doesn’t last long as for protection I still get remote attacks from someone. The ritual has short duration, should I do the ritual again?

Will angels only come during an emergency?

No, they would never come for anything else if that was the case, yet that come.

That might create problems for manifestation, let it go if possible man.


That’s the reason why I’m doing the ritual. It works for a while but it feels like a short duration.

The goal is to get rid of it, but I still get feelings of obsessive fear while I’m doing the ritual so that I will no longer feel it. As if it was solved supernaturally and went away and no longer a reality.

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